Laurence Fishburne Voices Silver Surfer NOT Galactus

Fishburne-SilverIt was being reported all over the web the other day that Morpheus himself, Laurence Fishburne, was going to be doing the voice of Galactus in the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel. However, that little mistake is now being corrected as it is NOW being reported that Fishburne will be doing the voice of The Silver Surfer. The good folks over at Yahoo give us this:

The character of the Silver Surfer, a herald to a cosmic world-devouring being known as Galactus, is played by noted character actor Doug Jones. He provided performance and movement references for Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital production house, which oversaw visual effects for the movie. Fishburne begins voice work this week.

This does make a lot more sense. Why get a voice like Laurence Fishburne’s is you’re just going to us him for a character with hardly any presence in the film at all? I think his voice will go quite with with the Surfer.

And I should probably mention this about the whole Cloud Galactus thing… even though it is as stupid as hell to make Galactus a frigging cloud… one stupid thing in a movie (especially if the role of the character in question is a small one in the film) does NOT ruin a whole movie. I don’t have much hope for Fantastic Four personally… but it’s not becuase they just butcher 1 character. Let’s just wait and see.

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12 thoughts on “Laurence Fishburne Voices Silver Surfer NOT Galactus

  1. Avi Arad says that the Galactus only being a cloud thing is just a rumor.

    per IESB.NET –

    “IESB: We talked about it earlier today, the announcement of Laurence Fishburne being the voice of the Silver Surfer, Fox has said that they don’t know if Galactus will even have a voice, can we address the rumor that Galactus is a giant cloud or something like that, is there any truth to those rumors?

    Arad: You know, that’s why they call them rumors (laughter), you will see more than a cloud, you will have enough Galactus to rejoice (laughter).

    IESB: I know that Fox has said that there wasn’t a test screening of FF2 in Seattle, is that true?

    Arad: (Laughter) I don’t know where that came from, you should know that every time someone said that they went to a screening of a Marvel property, they are full of it. We would never do that, forget it.”

    Ya gotta love the internet.
    Fiction becomes truth.
    Truth becomes fiction.

  2. Alfie,

    We agree completely.

    I’ve said from the beggining that the Ultimate version would translate better to film than the classic version.
    I’m sorry purists, but classic Galactus would look ridiculous on screen. Purple antlers and all.

    Plus, Galactus is probably only going to have a few minutes of screen time anyway. Having him be a cloud for those 2 minutes isnt a deal-breaker for me. I’m going because of the Surfer.

  3. thank god this is cleared up. :)

    and the movie is going to suck just like the first one, i could be wrong about this…… but we will all have to wait. :)

  4. having galactus appear as he does in the comics would look every bit as stupid as having megatron still be a hand gun in transformers….

    there are more people out there who won;t give a fuck what galactus looks likes…sorry galactus fans but most people won’t give a fuck

  5. hmm…i dont see his voice fitting the silver surfer, the character looks to skinny and….dare i say white looking coughIMUScough to have a black guys voice.

  6. I think it’s a better idea. Now if the cloud is Galactus and simply setp for either FF3 or a Surfer spinoff, great. Then give Fishburne the Galactus armor and out spews the voice of Doug Jones!

    What do mean, that’s a crackpot idea? I like that idea! Hey!

  7. But if the film builds up said character right up to the end, then it does matter if it’s a cloud, i think.

    This must be a little tough for Doug Jones. I read interviews with the cast and tey really thought his voice should be used. Oh well, he played Pencilhead in Mystery Men and nobody can take that away from him:)

  8. Think about the cloud-thing this way. If they had Galactus as the way he is in the comics in this movie, the producers of Transformers may not have used Unicron in a future Transformers-movie

  9. You’re right about that John even though theirs one bad thing in a movie should not ruin the whole movie, but your friend Doug is so narrow minded it’s ridiculous.

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