Behold The New Galactus Poster!

Thanks to Kristina for sending me this. As most of you know now, it appears that Galactus in the new fantastic Four movie isn’t going to have his normal comic book form… but rather that of a cloud. You know what… Maybe Glactus as a cloud works! He looks pretty bad ass to me!


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24 thoughts on “Behold The New Galactus Poster!

  1. My big problem with Alba is the no matter what you do with her she just looks like a bakini model on spring break. She really doesn’t have the presence that I would have wanted from Sue Storm.

    I really think they should have cast someone who was attractive in a clasy or intellectual sort of way, rather than someone who was just attractive in an eye candy sort of way.

  2. Honestly, I’m shy about that shit. Alba’s hot and all, but there’s hotter girls in Maxim and FHM that can do the exact same thing as her for a lower price. Jess better enjoy it now, because as soon as her looks go, she’s out the door.

  3. Oh come on Kristina, if you have a body like Alba and some producer came up to you and offers you easy money by doing Into the Blue, don’t tell me you wouldn’t do it??? Cos, damn girl, *I* would. Tee hee.

  4. In a genre where jessica Alba can be the Invisible Woman, and (even worse)Kate Bosworth can be Lois Lane, I see no reason that puffy can’t be Galactus.

  5. Hahaa Naught, I agree with you. The poor girl tries so hard to be a goodytwoshoes, but you can’t do that with a body like that. It’s hilarious that she claims that she wants to be taken seriously, but she’ll do a flick like Into the Blue where it’s her in a tiny bikini for the whole movie.

  6. You know, Kristina, I just had an “Aha….” moment reading your second comment. Alba does seem like quite a goodie isn’t she? Maybe that’s why I can never seem to hate her – she doesn’t seem to have an inner slut. Or maybe she just has a classy one. I like my sluts classy – Jolie, Alba. Halle Berry and Scar Jo is a no-no though.

    Speaking about the pic, looking at ALba I thought the pic wasn’t real – like it’s a mix between paint and picture that romance novels covers seems to be addicted with.

    How many ‘seems’ did I use in this comment? I gotta learn more vocab.

  7. Alba’s weird in her sexiness. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but she seems a bit uncomfortable about it. Jolie and Scarlett Jo know that men get all nuts over them, and they embrace it. Alba seems like a prude to me. Weird to say that, since she did shake that ass in Sin City, but if you watch her face during that scene(if you can pull your eyes up), she doesn’t look like she’s enjoying herself or thinking that she’s hot shit. You put Jolie in chaps onstage…..all hell would break loose.

  8. is there a less sexy sexpot than alba?? I really don’t get all the drooling that takes place over her…she seesm like a total stiff and doesn’t exude any sexual charisma at all….

  9. Here is a quick movie lesson for you, you know what happens when you turn an iconic character into a cloud…..a box office flop. (Fantastic Four Reference)

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