Sony Moves Forward with Spiderman 4

Sony shows signs of moving forward with Spiderman 4. Personally, I would be disappointed to see this without Toby Maguire, but if its done right,(and the anti-Toby fans insist it could) I will line up to any Spiderman movie with Raimi directing. Of course that is up in the air as well. says:

Sony, however, seems to have a hard time letting go of their cash cow and has signed writer David Koepp (INDIANA JONES 4) to write a script for a fourth film. The studio hopes the film would be released in 2009 and 2010.

So to add emphasis to a movie that seems in negotiations limbo, they hire a guy slated to write the movie that will never happen.

Personally, I have resigned myself to the fact that Dunst doesnt want to (and the fans seem to disagree with me about her being a good MJ) and they look to replace her as the love interest with Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy. This is backwards from the comic books, as Stacy dies at the hands of the Green Goblin, and then he moves on to MJ.

This gives them a convenient out for Dunst, and a fresh slate to hire on new cast.

The mighty dollar will of course decide in the end, as Sony still stands to make a heap of money from this no matter what they do to the cast. At least one more time.

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18 thoughts on “Sony Moves Forward with Spiderman 4

  1. I think Shane West would make a good peter parker. I really dont like toby maquire, Still a huge fan of the all the movies, just think if they do go forward with spiderman 4, they should go with a new cast already.


    Sephiroth (from ff7) should fight alongside the joker in spiderman 4!
    Harry osborn will then come back from the dead and become ultimate hobgoblin to fight Solid Snake.

  3. A 4th edition of Spiderman? Sounds good. New cast? Can go either way.

    Jake G as an older wiser Spidey? Didn’t see it at first, but now sounds like a good fit. He’s laid back enough, and has some decent range to flare up when need be.

    DO IT!

  4. I agree with the numbers thing.
    It should have been “The Amazing…”, “The Sensational…” and all that.

    But the thing is, after this 3rd Sam Raimi directed installment, they can start doing that. With a new team involved, they can be lose sequels but still start naming them a little differently to further showcase the slightly new direction.
    Chris, I also think Lizard and Electro should be in the series as solo villains. Check out my above post, I said Lizard in part 4 or “The Amazing Spiderman” and Electro in part 5 or “The (whatever) Spiderman” and part 6 would be “Spiderman vs The Sinister Six” or something like that. Kneon, I like that title. Cool idea. It’s a little cheesy but I really like it. I’m a sucker for things like that, I guess.

  5. i’m likin the idea about the siniserr six but i personally would like to see the lizard or the shocker on the big screen. having peter fight against doc connors would be pretty cool. my geek wet dream would be a crossover flick with a spiderman team-up with either the fantastic 4 or the hulk. holy crap!

    i was hopin they would call spiderman 2 amazing spiderman in the first place. spiderman 2 sounds too generic thats why im likin how they are doin batman calling it the dark knight. if raimi does leave i hope the new director can capture who spiderman is as well as sam did….and keep the stan lee cameos


  6. Rock on, Jay.

    I once heard Sony wanted six pictures. Don’t remember where.

    But yeah, The Sinister Six for part six is just too perfect. Call it “Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six.”

    I think after 3 they need to drop the numbering. Agree, disagree? I mean, how awkward will it be to call it Spider-Man 5? There’s always Amazing Spider-Man, Sensational Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, etc. etc.

  7. Same here.

    I’d like to see whoever they pick stay on for three movies.
    If it’s gonna be Jake, then let it be Jake for all three.
    Same goes for the supporting cast.
    If it’s gonna be Gwen, then let Bryce play her for all three.

    I’d like to see the director stay on for three but I’m not completely beholden to that idea. Harry Potter has proven that it’s not neccessary. Those movies just keep getting better and better.
    It would help with the continuity of style, theme and feel though.
    Time will tell, I guess.

    All I know is I’m open to the possibility that new blood brings.

    I still say that The Sinister Six in part 6 would be Fan-Fucking-Tastic. And I’m not normally a fan of the “Too Many Villians” thing but I think it would work in this franchise.

    bear with me here for a minute…
    The Lizard in part 4.
    Electro in part 5.
    Neither die but are defeated. (Obviously. It’s Spiderman folks. Work with me here)
    None of this is known until part 6 but here’s the backstory.
    Sandman is seemingly destroyed but because of his sandlike nature, he mamages to reincorporate himself.
    Doc Ocks arms dragged him out of the water before he died. He went into hiding.
    The Symbiote is not destryed and goes on looking for another host.
    Now in part 6 Roderick Kingsley (Yes, I am that big of a geek) finds the green Goblin stuff and becomes the Hobgoblin. After being defeated easily by Spierman early in the movie he realizes that he needs help.
    Hobgoblin helps those who need help getting out of jail and finds the others that are in hiding by telling them of his plan to ultimately defeat he who had defeated them.
    Meanwhile, The Symbiote has found another host. Cletus Cassidy.
    While all the other are attacking Spiderman and you didnt think it could get any worse for our favorite web-slinger, in comes Carnage with the line “You didnt think I was gonna let you guys have all the fun, did you?”. I know it’s cheesy, a better writer would work out a better scenario, but I really like this synopsis.

    By the way,
    I hate the Vulture and Mysterio so my version of the Sinister Six would not include those two.

    Doctor Octopus
    I dont care what you say, because I love that idea.

    The single geatest action/fight scene ever commited to celluloid.

    The geek-out is now officially over.
    Carry on.

  8. I agree with Jay, its time for a recast after 3. Great job on 1, 2, and 3, its just time for some new blood. Ofcourse a week after 3 I’ll probably be begging for them to come back and do a fourth.

  9. Spiderman, like any other iconic character, does not live or die by tying one actor to performing the role. How many actors have played Superman, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood etc.

    Will Spidey4 be as good, better, or worse without Tobey? Who knows. But it is not a slam dunk that the franchise will go down the shitter without the original people being involved. Personally not having Raimi around for the next one is the biggest blow and even he can be replaced.

    And Adam there is a far better example of disparity between quality and success. The Star Wars prequels – one crap film(AOTC), one mediocre film(TPM), and one mediocre film(ROTS) with about 10 to 15 minutes of goodness.

  10. there has been no greater example of a disparity in success and quality than the in the spider-man franchise. it’s generated hundreds of millions of dollars and a legion on fans, all from 2 (soon 3) quite mediocre films.

    to see sony raising the club to lay yet another blow to the dead horse that is the big-screen manifestation of my lifelong favorite superhero is a shame. maguire and dunst’s uninspired performances will either be solicited again, or replaced by some equally wooden young talent, while the same tired, glossy, ruberry special effects play over the next big action set-piece that’s been written into the script. cramming 6 or 7 main villains in there will once again ensure that no dramatic emphasis can be properly employed, as well.

    my only hope is that in some years’ time, more and more will gravitate towards my viewpoint, that the spider-man films are mere sugar-coated, poorly-acted (except for J.K. Simmons, who owns) shadows of what they could have been. who knows? we may even be so lucky as to have a christopher nolan-type come along and craft a powerful, meaningful story that puts the originals to shame, just as Batman Begins threw into contrast how lackluster the first films had been.

  11. I double what Jay said; I wouldn’t mind seeing a new cast and crew give it a shot. Really, I’d love to see it filmed to look like 300 – just give it a totally new look, make it darker (haha just had a funny thought of doing the Man-Spider story), more foreboding, sinister. What if they stopped after Spidy3 and for Spidy4 went more in the direction of Spider-man 2099? Do Spidy vs. Punisher or something. Del Toro would make an interesting director but I’d have to think about actors.

  12. Listen,
    I love the Spiderman movies.
    I love Sam’s take on the character, but I would be fine if they went with a new team on the 4th one. Sam made his trilogy. Let somebody else take a whack at it. I’m still gonna be there opening week regardless, so I say make some more with or without Sam and Tobey.

    I always though Topher Grace would have made a perfect Peter Parker/Spiderman but since that cant happen now I think Jake Gyllenhaal would be a fine choice to replace Tobey. Jake’s a little more grown up looking and sounding and acting and I think that would serve the franchise well. Some time has passed. MJ is out of the picture. (I’m not a Kirsten hater either. I thought she was good in the role and I liked her but I really dont see her coming back unless both Sam and Tobey do too)(but anyway) He’s got a new lady in the form of Gwen Stacy and hopefully a new outlook on life.

    Change is not always a bad thing people.
    I, for one, wouldnt mind some new talent both in front of and behind the camera. And for those of you who pose the question “Who could do it better than Sam?”. I’ll simply answer it this way… You never know what a person can do until they do it. Who knew Peter Jackson had The Lord of the Rings in him until he proved it. As long as they have a passion for the character and love making these movies I’ll support ’em. (amendment: As long as they dont take away what makes the character what and who he is. cough – Zombie, Halloween, Myers – cough – mask to poop in – cough)

  13. Okay I don’t know where to start with this one. Spiderman 4 without anyone from the oringal cast. I’m wondering if they’ll put nipples on the suit. For real how many movies make it to the 4 mark and are still good without a reboot?

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