15 thoughts on “Playstation 3 vs. Nintendo Wii

  1. Well some people have that that the everybody in america has a dvd player.Well i dont know cause i live in NZ.But any way the ps3 dvd player is more than a dvd player.It is the new revolutionary Blue Ray Dvd player which has beta sound and picture quality.But still i wud rather have a Wii for these are gaming consoles made for the purpose of gaming and id have to say the wii wins every time.Cause you gota idmit da the new revolutionary wiimote is really amazing with its motion sensors.Playing games have never been beta.I love zelda on wii cause you just grab da remote and start swinging making it so much fun compared to ps3 where you press x x x x for a huge combo or square heaps of times which gets pretty boring.The ps3 does have much beta graphics than wii but nintendo dont focus on graphics.there main focus is to revolutionise they way we play games. Any way the ps3 graphics are only a bit beta than the Xbox 360 and that didnt impress me.Any what im saying is that the ps3 is a normal console meaning it does everything all da other consoles do except for da wii which is something much different and beta.

  2. about that guy that said evry house amirica having a dvd player is right. but you have to give sony some credit. a couple weks ago some people at microsft dell apple and ibm announced that the psp is a full computer. infact the graphicks and speed of the psp is so high that with the right memory stick you can run windows vista ! windnws vista!!!!!!!!!! and about thos wii lovers you are just saying that crap about psp because you cant afford one. oh and that hot girl is a prostatute. but she is smoking hot

  3. someone said this above: im kinda surprised that so many people are bashing the ps3, it seems like a much better ps2 and thats enough for me.

    but thats the point. all sony and microsoft do is take their old consoles and beef them up. basically its the same experience with just slightly better graphics and a whole lot more memory that you never use anyway. not to mention a whopping $600.

    as for the person who said that the wii is just a gamecube in a different box. well for starters: your wrong. it is different. its graphics have improved, not a TON but thats not what nintendo focuses on. graphics dont make good games. and life-like graphics will never be achieved. so whats the point anyway? as for the changes how about you take a look at the controller? yeah i dont see the Wii Remote being used with a gamecube. the controller is probably one of the most innovative ideas to be produced by the gaming industry. then on top of that look at the Wii Channels. and being able to surf the web with the Wii? way more useful than having dvd playback capability as the playstation does when EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN AMERICA HAS A DVD PLAYER ALREADY.

    overall wii is the way to go. i am definitely getting one. just like apple, nintendo is going to kick microsoft and sony’s asses because they have cool, innovative ideas.

  4. DANG!!! Hot white girl. and for that ugly fat nerdy white girl nice try. I been hearing Nintendo fans [Me] are geeks, hmmm, well I don’t get straight A’s I do get some F’s. But I do know I’m smart enough to NOT hand over 721.00 to Sony, so ill hand over 300.00 to Nintendo. I’m not hating but the truth is Sony blew it, well not totally but they gave a chance to Nintendo to reclaim 1st place. And they have been doing that since the DS has been smoking the psp. To all the future Wii owners, we know what kind of system we are going to play, with a tight ass new controller shit this cant get any better oh yes it can Zelda. Man it should come out right now. For sony they aint no hope man, I keep on smokin’ Nintendo keeps out doin’.

  5. cool little add :)
    but the wii is really only an over priced gamecube in a cool new box with a super new controller. the ps3 shits all over it in every other respect. all our dev kits for the wii where the old gamecube ones from years back.

  6. i still want a ps3 but that wii girl was indeed hot….im kinda surprised that so many people are bashing the ps3, it seems like a much better ps2 and thats enough for me….and mgs4, peace

  7. Sony is on the wrong end of a loosing battle. After the PS3 is released, their company is going to take a huge hit. The Wii is brilliant and innovative. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  8. I was already set for Wii before that ad. Good luck to anyone cashing in an extra $60 for each game on PS3. Seriously, I wish the best out of Sony, but I’m worried they’ll be in deep shit.

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