Nolan Speaks on Robin in Batman

I am a HUGE Robin fan, but I have yet to see his character done right in any incarnation of the Batman franchise, whether on film or TV. Close, but not quite. I don’t think the character deserves his own movie, but I would be first in line if there was one. I had thought maybe with the introduction of Joker in the series, that they might introduce a Robin only to kill him off. The first Robin graduated, and the second Robin was killed by the Joker – a defining moment in the Batman books.

SlashFilm reports:

Nolan assured fans that Robin won’t make an appearance, at least not on his watch. … He reasoned that the caped crusader’s sidekick is in a crib somewhere at this point in the timeline isn’t appropriate for him to enter the picture.

I am a little disappointed that there will not be a Robin in any foreseeable future, but at the same time I am encouraged to see that logic is the only thing keeping him absent. There is a significant age difference between the Dark Knight and his acrobatic sidekick.

It does give me hope however that if they do eventually introduce the character, that Robin will be approached right, and I have every confidence that Nolan could capture not only the character, but Batman’s need for a sidekick. They have to have both if Robin is ever to appear at all.

Just one more tidbit that makes me confident that this franchise is in good hands.

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