Blu-Ray and HD DVD Can Both Go Screw Themselves

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much about the whole Blu-Ray or HD DVD phenom going on right now. Why? Mostly because I refuse to be yet another sheep for these bastard money grubbing companies. Let me explain.

I finally got around to getting myself a 42′ Plasma TV. With the amount of movies I watch, I figured I’d treat myself and replace my little 20′ TV. When I have my DVD player hooked up through the comp connectors, the picture is BLOODY BEAUTIFUL. I went and looked at an HD set up…. and yes, it did look a TOUCH better. But this whole thing that HD looks 50x better than a properly set up DVD is just bull. Pure and total bull. Better? Yes. THAT much better? No.

As a side note, I was listening to Patrick Norton the other day on DL.TV. He was talking about an embarrassing incident that happened at a tech show. Sony had a big display showing off “See The Difference Of HD!”, where they had a movie playing on a big screen with an HD disk paying. Well guess what… a reporter snooped around and found that it was just a regular DVD disk playing. Yeah… such a huge difference.

But here’s the big reason I won’t be buying any HD player system. Two competing formats.

I refuse to get caught in the fight between these media giants. I still remember some friends parents who invest a ton of money in Beta… only to have VHS win the day… and all their Beta stuff was now worthless.

I refuse to drop tons of money on one format… only to have the other format prevail. These morons should have found some sort of middle ground to make things easier on us… the consumer. But no… each side had to dig in their heels and play hardball. Now it’s the consumers who will pay. And pay dearly.

Would I like to have an HD player system? Sure… all things being equal it would be nice. But right now, with 2 different formats, the price being totally outrageous, and the fact that my DVDs look just wonderful right now thank you very much… I won’t even consider it.

Get it to one format so I don’t have to worry about wasting my money. Bring the price down to the $200 area. Then… and ONLY then will I think about it.

Your thoughts?

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