The Movie Blog Awards 2005 – Now Voting!

Reviews_Small.jpgWell this is it, you’ve chosen the categories and nominees you’d like to see and it’s time for you to vote on your best and worst of 2005. Remember this has all been chosen by the readers and it’s up to you guys to vote.

I can hand on heart say that no one here at the Movie Blog suggested any at all, until the nominations stage when I put some in myself, other than that it’s been totally down to you guys…and my work in trying to get this thing running, and you won’t believe the trouble I’ve had getting the survey system going, and the style is still not right, but tough, it’s Hogmanay!

However, we’re finally here. Vote away to your hearts content, and when I see the voting go quiet, I’ll close it down, collate the results, and announce them mid January.

A few points to note before you leap into the voting process. There are 52 questions, most have under 10 options each, but some are bigger, and the Best Film is positively huge. So make sure you have plenty of time to sit down and go through them. Any problems, then let me know. Otherwise, get going!

You can start the voting here.

Good luck, enjoy, and have a very happy New Years Eve. From all at the Movie Blog, may the start to your New Year be filled with fun, laughter, friends and family.

Let me just cover this again.
1. You, the Movie Blog readers, chose the categories.
2. You, the Movie Blog readers, chose the nominees.
3. You, the Movie Blog readers, will carry out the voting.
4. There are 52 categories and this can take a while. Make sure you have the attention, time and ability to complete them.
5. Your votes are not recorded unless you reach and complete the last question.
6. You may leave entries blank.
7. You cannot enter more than once from the same IP address.
8. Closing date is whenever votes stop coming in. Probably when there is a period of two days without a vote being cast. I would guess sometime next week.

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24 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Awards 2005 – Now Voting!

  1. Good work putting this together Richard.

    2 Things – I don’t care if it was reader’s job to put noms in or not, I had 3 BIG PROBLEMS:

    1) No King Kong for best action sequence!?

    2) No King Kong for most entertaining!?

    3) No Munich for best picture!?

    That’s ridiculous. You need to add those in to the choices pronto. Especially number 3.

    Still, had lots of fun voting. Good job for the most part!


  2. Devils Rejects got one nomination? For WORST film?! WTF!?!?!

    Devils Rejects was one of my favorite movies of the year. What was the reasoning behind that one?

  3. It says “You have already submitted an answer for this survey” when I try to start the voting even though I havent voted yet. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything I can do?

  4. Ah, I see. I missed the nominations as I tend to be away from the site for chunks of time. A pox on everyone who didn’t stick up for Darwin’s Nightmare and jarmusch! :)

    happy new year

  5. Just to remind you all it was all the readers, you lot, that chose the categories and the nominees. If something’s not there then you guys didn’t ask for it to be there, likewise if it is, someone asked for it. Only a very few nominations were made by myself.

    Next time we do a big survey, catch the posts, read them carefully and get commenting!

    Thanks for the voting, so far the figures are huge, and the results really interesting! It’s fun being able to see them…Heehee!

  6. First, thanks for the big survey, I like online polls for some reason. Second, two HUGE problems.

    Left of the best documentary list (as far as I could see which might not be far..): Darwin’s Nightmare – an incredible documentary on the social/economic/environmental in disaster caused in Lake Victoria by the introduction of Nile perch. One of the best, if not the best, documentary this year.

    You had Jim Jarmusch on the worst director list for broken flowers!!!! This was a good movie! Even if one of one is not a huge fan there is no way it should warrant a worst director nod.

    bah! :)

  7. good list, couple of categories missing some movies that I thought deserved to be there, best action sequence… how can the T-Rex vs Kong not be on that?and Darrem makes a good point Lord of War should of been in more categories as well as a couple of other movies that I won’t mention(Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), BUT good job, great list overall

  8. Ahh right, forgot about our friends in Europe there… sorry about that.

    I think this reader survey was a great idea, I just think the method for nominations was a little chaotic. I guess I didn’t completely understand what that thread was all about, that’s why I didn’t participate in the nominations.

    I think you guys should consider setting the nominees yourselves next year, because some of the categories weren’t nearly as well represented as others. Not that the readers shouldn’t have a say, but there should be some quality control.

    Regardless, kudos to Richard for putting this thing together, it must have been a lot of work.

    Oh, and Happy New Year guys.

  9. Hi all. Glad people are voting, and I’m amazed at the number who are actually voting compared to those commenting, it’s big!

    For those of you interested, it took me weeks to find software that worked with the large amount of questions and responses I needed. Eventually we did and it’s using a great piece of software from Nabopoll. It’s excellent.

    Oh, and if you’re unhappy about nominations or categories, tough. You had the chance to vote your own choices in there for weeks, and if you missed it, well you missed it.

    John, not just Europe releases either, the Movie Blog is about a worldwide audience, we could be talking about anywhere. So if it’s released somewhere in the world in 2005, then it can go in.

    Keep the responses coming, I really am amazed at how many have come in this close to Hogmanay. It’s 3am in Scotland, I’m pretty much wasted but very happy. Big shouts to you all, Happy New Year, and if you haven’t voted, get in there!

  10. That took forevor! i just got to say, most of my good votes went to Batman Begins and Serenity, while War of the Worlds got all my votes for crappiness. great job, movieblog!

  11. Indeed, good voting set up. Was that custom built, or something out of the box.

    Also, two notes:

    * “Lord of War” was generally poorly represented. It’s not a fantastic movie, but it’s thoughtful and original, and deserves to be in more categories.

    * “3-Iron” should be an option for best foreign film.

  12. “You have completed the Movie Blog Awards 2005 voting. Thank you for your time, and keep watching for the results.”

    Phew, that was long. Nice voting set up btw, to whoever did that.

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