Hellboy 2 production details

hellboy.jpgBrilliant news for all those Hellboy fans with news coming from Selma Blair on the production of Hellboy 2. From Comic Book News:

Selma Blair…told SCI FI Wire that production on the film has been tentatively scheduled to begin at the beginning of 2007…

…Blair said in an interview. “Apparently [director] Guillermo [del Toro]’s supposed to hand in a script any minute. I know there will probably be a long preproduction, so we’ll probably start maybe January 2007.”

Well a lot of probably’s and maybe’s, but still it’s a good indication that things are kicking off. It’ll be interesting to hear more about the script as it comes in.

Personally, I am dead excited about this movie, Hellboy was superb fun and the character is great for the big screen, never mind the fact that Ron Perlman is a superb actor and perfect for the part. I think this is one of the strongest Superhero franchises around…for now anyway.

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One thought on “Hellboy 2 production details

  1. Okay Darkhorse Comics are great but when it comes to movies, holy shit they suck. The Mask was alright and so was Hellboy, but these movies are not set up for sequels at all. The sequels we should see should be more adventures no way connected with the previous film. Hellboy wasn’t my favorite in which it kind of dragged and had to much going on. A Hellboy 2, we’ll have to just wait and see. Son of the Mask sucked my balls out of my sack. So…………

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