Don’t let Brett Ratner direct X3 petition

BrettRatner.jpgThe guys over at Cinematical have some strong views on Brett Ratner directing X-Men 3. So much so that they’ve started an online petition at the site by the same name, to try and convince 20th Century Fox to delay the movie and get a better Director.

“Think it’ll work? It’d take a miracle…” Now where was that quote from? Anyway, head over there and show your support if you’re so inclined. As at time of posting they were on a mere sixteen signatures, obviously not many people either agree or like X-Men!

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9 thoughts on “Don’t let Brett Ratner direct X3 petition

  1. Ratner isn’t the problem and isn’t what they should be worrying about. Vaughn’s six day script is what’s going to screw the film up.

    But it doesn’t matter, online petitions are garbage and never accomplish anything.

  2. This is dumb.

    Ratner will do fine. Even so, he is already well underway in his directoral responsabilities for the film. They aren’t about the slam the brakes on production (again). Keep in mind that a lot of people weren’t happy when they heard Peter Jackson was going to be directing Lord of the Rings either.

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