How do you like your POPCORN BABY!

You know what, I’m just a walking Pavlovian experiment. The moment I walk into a theatre… my mouth starts to water. Even if I just came from dinner and I’m stuffed beyond belief, my mouth instantly starts craving that forbidden goodness that is POPCORN.

I hardly ever eat the stuff. Once in a while if I have the munchies I’ll throw a bad in the microwave… but that doesn’t happen often. But for some reason, when I’m going to a flick I JUST GOTTA HAVE IT!

I don’t even really think it tastes all that good. But if I don’t have a bag of it sitting beside me while watching a flick, I’ll feel distracted the whole time. How sad.

Now here’s my question: Do you usually have popcorn when going to a show (after taking out a 3rd mortgage on your house to afford it)? If so, how do you like it?

1) No butter
2) With butter that makes it mushy (I HATE it that way)
3) With butter but not mushy
4) With the topping powders?

Personally, my favourite is with butter (layered) that doesn’t make it mushy… no powders for me thanks.

Let me know… just cause it’s Tuesday and I’m curious.

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17 thoughts on “How do you like your POPCORN BABY!

  1. I love buttered popcorn, especiallly when it is all mushy and soggy and yummy. Oooh it taste so good. I am eating some mushy and yum yum popcorn while I am on the computer. I love it when my fingers are so greasy and it takes hours for the butter to be licked off.

    Butter wont hurt you. It’s good for the soul. The theatres do not put enough butter on my popcorn so what I do is take a small tupperware bowl of hot seasoned butter and put it on my popcorn. Thats good.

    Its also better to bring your own food instead of buying your food there. I get mcdonalds all the time and eat in the theatres. Its good.

  2. Popcorn doesnt make that much noise when you eat it I dont think?

    Much as I love hotdogs, the cinema I go to dont have mustard available so I dont bother.

    Yeah Dom, I would have loved buttered popcorn! :-)

  3. Logboy, 100% with you…hence my previous cinema etiquette post. No distractions for me.

    …plus it’s really bad for you John!

    Saying that, I’m not adverse to eating a hotdog before I get in the cinema!

  4. I only drink coffee when I watch a film. One because I’m cheap. Two because I value my arteries and the smell of the toxic ‘edible oil product’ toping makes me a bit queasy. Three, I hate the sound of rattling paper.

    But mainly point number one.

  5. i cant believe someone who likes movies condones any distraction of act of consumption / noise in a cinema. those people are the reason i pretty much despise the palces and only go when absolutely necessary.

    sit down. be quiet. watch the f*cking film.

  6. marla:”hi, i’d like a regular popcorn please”
    minimum wage payed, drug pusher behind till:”sure and ma’am might i suggest that for 50 cents more u can get some delicious flavoring poured onto your already lightbulb heated kernels?”
    marla:”i know all about upselling and toxic sludge so please leave me out of your companies scheme becuase already i’m letting u rape my wallet with your corporate priceings on this full blue moon, pig flying, friday the 13th evening”
    zit bursting, spike braclet wearing, punk:”enjoy your movie” (payed announcment)
    marla walks away with her 3/4 filled bag of crumbled popcorn and by the time she gets to her seat the popcorn has chilled to room temperature by the breeze from walking to the other end of the establishment.

  7. Meli, youre right about the butter girl!

    Buttered popcorn doesnt exist in UK cinemas, you only have it sweet or salted. I love the sodium more than the sugar. :-)

  8. The only time I load my popcorn is at the movies… and mine has to be my own tub (muah — beat that fellas), filled half full then with butter, and then top it with more popcorn and more butter. Then a little bit of salt… a shake…a little more salt and TA DA: the perfect tub of movie popcorn. Top it off with a Dr. Pepper, and then some Skittles.

    And THAT is my snack at the movies.

  9. Pretty much the only time I eat popcorn is at the movies, and then it’s a must if it’s an action flick.

    I prefer mine layered with butter and just shy of mushy. I figure I have a good 13 years before the cholesterol will kill me.

  10. I generally don’t get popcorn at the theatre because of this chain of events.

    1. I immediately get thirsty.
    2. I then try and buy water because I don’t drink soda.
    3. All they have is Dasani which tastes like piss.
    4. I ether sit in the theatre thirsty, or run across the street to gewts some Zephyrhills (Florida Spring Water) or I have to spend three dollars on Evian.

    However, when I remember to sneak in my own water I like my popcorn completely drowned in butter with a pound of salt. :p

  11. Somehow movie popcorn is better than any other. I like more than average amounts of butter, but near the bottom of the bag there’s no butter. I always eat most during the previews, but am left with alot of kernels at the bottom. When I get a smaller bag it never seems to be enough.

  12. I enjoy popcorn, but rarely eat it at the movies. Unless freshly popped it tends to taste kind of stale….then again, it’s kind of it’s charm.

    When I do buy a bag I have no butter, just some salt. Movie popcorn is bad enough for you! Adding butter is like taking a year from your life! hehe

  13. I only eat popcorn at the movies if I make the mistake of going when I’m hungry, and then, I prefer that “Kettle corn” stuff with loads of salt… but I tend to eat it while it’s warm, during the 25 minute preview parade, and by the time the movie actually starts, my bag’s all empty.

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