How could they change the Oscars?

Oscar.jpgAfter some completely off the wall discussions on the Chris Rock story, one of the posters managed to move away from their one tracked discussion and bring up a good question.

Let’s just say that Chris Rock got fired from the hosting job. Who would host? Who would make a good, new host for the Oscars? Someone who hasn’t before and could add some interesting comment, something funny, or just plain style and gravitas to the role? Make your suggestions and reasons why.

Then that got me thinking further. What’s the deal with having a host to take you through the evening, that’s what all award shows do, and they do it just the same way. So why not change the format? Could it be changed and is there a better way? What about having each of last years winners introduce each award and present the new award, or each nominee introduce themselves and their nominated work?

What do you think? Could they change the format? Time for some discussion.

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46 thoughts on “How could they change the Oscars?

  1. Yeah mary, just give up your trailer park rhetoric. would you like me to wash your clothes or cook your food to make you feel happier. Should I cut your grass or clean your house for you, oh wait that is gonzalez’s job to clean your house. I’ll just shine your shoes.

  2. I hardly ever watch the Oscar Awards anymore and just wait for the results online the ff. day. The last Academy Awards I saw in full was in 1999. I only saw last year’s in the news when it was announced that RoTK swept the awards.

    How long does the Academy Awards usually last? More than 3 hours? Maybe they can cut down on the time as well, it tends to be pretty tediuous. Maybe they can learn from the BAFTA’s?

  3. Mary = Internet Troll.

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  4. As far as I know this is a free country Marla. This is the internet, we are free to discuss whatever we want. If you want to scream. go scream at your husband or something. You are not my mother or father. If you are this mad then you need a hot oil massage. I can give you one for 40 dollars. Until then I will talk about Chris Rock All I want. He is a bafooned monkey on stage. Why cant a nice man like Wayne Brady host the show. Now thats real comedy and he rocks. (pun intended)

  5. EVERYBODY STOP IT! SHUT UP! I’M SOOOO OVER IT! the oscars are in 1 week! 1 week! and we’re all still bickering back and forth back and forth “i hate chris rock” “i love chris rock”, “ur being racist!”, “no i’m not, go back to brooklyn!” “hey whats wrong with brooklyn?!” this could never settle!! everyone has to just drop it!! we cannot condemn each other for our different tastes for comedy just like we cannot condemn chris rock for it either! i hate him like i hate blue cheese! its just something i’m not into but i cant make it dissapear off the planet. chris rock is hosting the awards wether we like it or not so lets just drop this topic now standing 39 comments over the long weekend with no improvements! thank god this long weekend is over tomorrow and there will be a new discussion board to talk about which will have nothing to do with the oscars or chris rock or BROOKLYN or or…or.. PARIS HILTON!?! ok i just threw that in but i DONT want to hear about her either! GOOD NIGHT!

  6. I dont think anyone gets it. Chris Rock doesnt belong at the Oscars. Why doesn’t he host BET or something where they need lower class people. I want to watch something that is wholesome and entertaining. Chris Rock will ruin the Oscars, and he will taint the image of it. Once you let one in then they will all come in. what has this world come too.

    If he wants to make fun of people then he should go back to brooklyn or whereever and make fun of the crackheads and prostitutes there. Dont bring your irreverant ghetto behavior to our wholesome awards show.

  7. I have to say I do not understand all the commiserating about Rock hosting the event. I think he will do just as good a job hosting this narcissistic display of a total waste of air time. I also like the idea of Conan O’Brien or maybe Jon Stewart.

    I just don’t understand the movie and television industries need to have so many award shows. How many times do they need to be told how great they are in one year. No other profession gets together four or five times a year just to tell each other how great they are. I would think the millions of dollars they make should be enough of a reward.

    Actors have to be the most narcissistic group of people on the planet. I should know, my sister is one.

  8. This whole bit is about ratings and the Oscar’s attempt to be controversial before hand. Let’s have Chris Rock host! We might get a younger audience and better ratings. All die hard Oscar watchers (myself inculded) will not turn off the Oscars because of Rock, and they might pick up some extra viewers.
    The article quoted has showed up in various places, one of them being, Entertainment Weekly. I read the whole article and didn’t find it particularly offensive towards the Oscars. To paraphrase Rock…he said that he’d been asked to host the Oscars before, but always turned it down. He accepted this year because he feels old enough. His last time hosting the VMAs he said he felt like the old guy and knew it was time to move on.

    Maybe he’ll surprise us and do a bang up job. Maybe he’ll totally blow, ruin his career (not sure that’s possible) and stick with his stand up comedy.

    If he is a horrible host, it won’t be the first time it’s happened, and it won’t be the last.

    I know come Sunday I’ll be sitting with a group of friends drinking, snacking on junk food, mocking the red carpet, cheering for the winners and laughing (hopefully) at the jokes.

  9. lets not judge his performance at the oscars before, you know, he hosts the oscars.

    when it comes down to it whatever the hell he says before hosting doesn’t matter as long as he’s funny during the oscars.

  10. This might be sort of predictable. Expect Rock to make fun of (in no particular order):

    1) Michael Moore
    2) Mel Gibson
    3) George Bush
    4) Paris Hilton
    5) Sideways
    6) The Aviator
    7) Michael Jackson

  11. I don’t really care who hosts it, I won’t be watching. But, you have to admit, it’s an odd choice when they’re quoting this kind of stuff from the host, “In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rock called the notion of giving awards for art “idiotic” and said he has never cared for the Academy Awards.”

    Yeah, let’s get him. :P

  12. I wonder what it is that is making everyone so insecure about chris rock hosting the show. Were it some other irreverent comedian who happened to be white, say Bill Maher, no one would be making such a big stink about it. Why is Richard such a hater? What did Chris Rock put up his bum? Anyway, the show will be fine. Chris Rock hosting it is not the end of the world. Next year you guys will have somebody the right color at it’ll be all good.

  13. I’d kind of like to see George Lopez host…
    I think he could be funny without overshadowing the event at hand.

    Nevertheless its still a bloated corpse of an event and serious changes should be made to it soon.

  14. Chris rock is not going to get fired, so the question should be who would make a great host following Chris Rock’s performance? I think Richard is hoping Rock will be fired, so the question you asked must have a hidden subtext. I think Chris Rock will make a good host and I think there will be a good host next year. No need to replace him.

  15. okay devils advocate, what is wrong with that statement he made about the only time he watches the oscars was when black people were nominated? and what straight black man sits there and watches the oscars?

    I dont get it? what is wrong with these statements. someone please tell me.
    I just dont get it?

  16. Haven’t you seen Fox’s hostless (actually 15-host Emmys) and MTV’s hostless VMAs?

    A show without a host is like a ship without a captain — just a bad situation.

    Besides, if you had no host every year than the Oscars would be the same every year, sooo boring.

  17. One idea I read about was running a sidebar while the actor is accepting the award or posting their acknowledments on the official site. This would shorten the time and allow what they do say to something insightful?

  18. P.S. the only time I ever laughed at anything Chris Rock did was when he tried to act in “Down to Earth”. Now THAT was funny!

    P.S.S. The only thing funnier than listening to people claim Chris Rock is funny is watching Chris Rock prance to and fro on stage while doing his show, and how he has that “broken leg” thing where black people use to show that they’re “hip” and they have “attitude”, etc. Why is that funny? Because Chris Rock is a 5-foot tall, 80-pound girl trying to act like a tough black guy. give me a break, my nigga.

  19. Get rid of the damn dancing numbers and songs and give the hour you save from just that alone and let the winners talk until they don’t have anything to say anymore at the podium. It’s crazy that they drag the show out with idiotic crap but limit the winners to what, 30 seconds now? Completely moronic, just like everything Hollywood does.

  20. “He said the only time [b]he[/b] watched was when black actors were nominated. What straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars?”

    … according to CNN.

    Don’t stress too much, gifted one, you might end up dedicating another eight paragraphs to a subject the rest of us are apparently taking too seriously. (heh)

  21. How about they just hand ’em out in some untelevised lunch ceremony, relaxed setting and do a press release on the winners?

    I only ever watched ’em when LOTR got nominated and even then I wasn’t satisfied because they gave all of FOTR awards to ROTK. I’m hard to please. :->

  22. so basically what you are saying is Chris rocks style of comedy is meant for the oscars? There has to be this flowery style of comedy for it to be a good show. I dont know why people are so scared. Chris rock has love for it too, but just because he said that comment about hosting it doesnt mean he doesnt have respect.

    Ok i get it chris rock is low class, those comments are not meant for the oscars. His style of comedy is juvenile and meant for the mtv crowd
    he is despicable and doesnt show appreciation even if he is telling the truth

    Hey DEVILS ADVOCATE. IT WAS A JOKE. thats what he does he makes fun of any and everything plus he didnt say it was for idiots and homos read the whole transcript instead of drudges web page.
    He said what black man sits there and watches the oscars unless black people are in it. THIS IS TRUE. and funny because it’s true. he didnt say that the oscars were gay and for idiots directly. stop taking one little sentence and constructing it to make another.

    How is making fun of the oscars classless. you people act like this is the presidential inaguration or something.

    Ok I get, maybe it was funny to me when he said it because it hit home and it was so true thats probably why i thought it was funny. I keep stressing this is not about chris rock but about somethind deeper.

  23. The reason Billy Crystal was such a good host was that he has a genuine love for the traditions of show business even as he satirizes them. (Paul Shaffer could do the same thing, but doesn’t really have the same kind of vibe) Unlike Whoopi Goldberg, he can downplay his own personality and realises that the point of the evening isn’t “the Billy Crystal show”. I have my doubts that Chris Rock will get that point. A certain amount of self-deprcationis needed, which is why Johnny Carson and Bob Hope were also so good at it.(It’s one of the reasons that Robin Williams wouldn’t make a good host either.)
    As for changing the format, it’s been tried before, with multiple hosts, and it didn’t necessarily work any better.
    My biggest worry is that the ceremony will read the current political climate and put on the safest, tamest show in years. They already tend to run through a cycle of making fools of themselves on the air(the Rob Lowe-Snow White incident) and then following it up with at least two years of utter banality to make up for the complaints.
    As long as I am rambling on, I actually thought David Letterman did a passable job..but if they’d really like to take chances, why not give up on talk-show hosts and comedians, and let some real live wires host segments? How about 15-20 minutes each of Quentin Tarantino, Dennis Hopper, Woody Allen, Michael Moore, …people you’d never expect?
    But maybe I’m really not in a good position to judge where the Academy stands right now. After never missing a ceremony from the time I was about 4 years old (the early 60s), I was forced by circumstances to skip both the ’03 and ’04 awards, and found that I really didn’t miss it much.

  24. So, saying that the Academy Awards Show is for idiots and homos before hosting them is classy? I guess the definition of the word has been altered a tad. Same with the word “bright”.

  25. whats really good peeps.

    You people just don’t get it. Someone tell me how Chris rock doesn’t have class? As a comedian there is no one funnier than him. I mean no one. That is an absolute fact.

    Now there is a reason why you are not the executive producers and why Gil Cates is. Chris Rock is probably the brightest comedian on earth.
    So if you’re saying that Chris rock is not classy enough for the oscars who is?

  26. Well let me see, things they could do to make the Oscars better.

    1. Let’s start at the beginning. This whole red carpet fashion show…gotta go.
    2. Cut all acts of overrated singers performing cheesy theme music. Hmmm…we can do more here…no more music!
    3. Cut all instances of narcissistic actors/actresses giving other narcissistic actors/actresses hugs and kisses on the back for a job well done. “Have you gotten your hug from Leonardo yet? Then go get it girl, ’cause that was fine effort…make sure the cameras get you.”
    4. Cut all canned and uncanned acceptance speeches. We know your honored, but we really don’t care. Take a snapshot and send it to your family and friends. The only people who really care.
    5. Cut all cutaways to washed up performers who have nothing better to do than come to the awards and hope that
      they might get picked up by a camera in a cutaway to a washed up performer. Ah hell. Let’save time. Cut all cutaways.
    6. Cut the practice of going to commercial all of the time. This has the added benefit of not having the cameras pan over the crowd of beautiful people in attendance when going to and from commercials. Oh, I guess this would mean that you wouldn’t need all of those pesky advertisers, and hence wouldn’t be able to pay the power bill for this silly affair. Oh well, we’ll take care of that next.
    7. Instead of having an entire show that revolves around the act feeding the egos of this industry, simply print a list of winners in People Magazine. “Inquiring minds want to know” and by god, they can use their own feet to find out instead of making me listen to constant reports about someone’s tacky attire.

    Here’s an idea, how about the civil service awards, you know, for people who actually contribute something to society. “The award for Best Performance in the Role Of Preparing Our children for the future goes to…(wait for it!) Miss Grundy of Lincoln High…yeaaahh!”

    This show is easily the most pointless production there is

  27. I don’t know about calling it serious stuff. I love movies…passionately (and yet in a platonic way) but come on, these award shows are a bunch of over paid actors and underappreciated crew patting each other on the back for making the most popular “pretend”. As much as I appreciate a great movie, when it comes down to it, it’s still a bunch of people reading words that soneone else wrote standing in places someone else told them to stand in… etc., etc. I think Chris Rock will do a decent job. I doubt he’s stupid enough to use the Oscars as a platform to promote personal opinions and offend everyone. (but a part of me would be REALLY interested in watching the result if he did).

  28. well chris is funny,
    more or less, but he is not the right person for such a big event. i mean comeon, this is no small slapstick show, this is serious stuff, so we need someone serious funny like Adam Sandler ;)

    no just kiddin, or am i?:)?

  29. chris rock is funny. yeah i said it.
    ever watch bigger, blacker and uncut?

    frankly you want a different oscar ceremony, but you don’t want a comedian that would host a different oscar ceremony? Theres some truth to what he said, and lets not forget he makes jokes, sure it wasn’t all that funny, but it certainly has me interested in seeing the oscars FOR ONCE.

    Things i don’t like about the oscars: stuffy, formal, drawn out due to pomp and ceremony, gil cates cutting off accceptance speechs, acceptance speechs where people thank their agents, the fashion show before hand.

    Having a host isn’t the problem.

  30. I’ll second Conan O’Brian. I hadn’t thought of him before, but he’d probably be quite good … has lots of live audience experience and he’s funny without being obnoxious.

    I’m not sure the Oscars are ready for Eddie Izzard, but it would be a riot seeing a British drag queen hosting. Cake or Oscar?

    I wouldn’t let Margaret Cho host a tupperware party. Too much of a axe-grinding activist type. Meh, she’s uber annoying.

    I had no problem with Billy Crystal and thought he did a fine job. Tom Hanks would be great, but probably wouldn’t do it. They need a host who’s funny, but still has class. I don’t know how they came up with Chris Rock. Off the wall choice: John Goodman.

  31. A few suggestions to chew on:

    Eddie Izzard – The guy is funny, it would be even more amusing if he did the whole Oscars in the mode he does his usual stand up.

    Conan O’Brian – Hey they let Letterman host the show, and they are looking for a younger audience. I think it would work.

    Margret Cho – How’s that for thinking outside the box? I think she would do a good job too.


  32. I don’t know, I kind of like the single host format. I always wanted to see Jim Carrey do it, but there’s no way he would, at least not until his career starts plumeting.

    I think they should have given Steve Martin another shot. Hell, they let Whoopi do it twice!

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