Have a Safe New Year You Stupid Ass – A Public Service Announcement From The Movie Blog

Hey there folks, John here to wish you a safe and festive New Years Eve! Help to keep it safe by not drinking and driving.

No, wait a second… that’s not enough. Everyone is always so damn polite when asking “Please don’t drink and drive”. Awww… isn’t that nice. Let me put it another way:

If you have a couple of drinks and then get behind the wheel, then you are a frickin asshole. You should be castrated immediately and be thrown on the ground to allow the fathers of drunk driver victims to stand around and piss on you. Big rocks should be thrown at your face and little kids who have lost a parent to dicks like you should get free shots at kicking your throat. You are not only taking your life in your hands… YOU’RE TAKING MY LIFE IN YOUR HANDS TOO cause I’m going to be on the road along with a million other people… and no offence, but I don’t want my life in the hands of some moron who’s to stupid to bring cab fair or make arrangements to sleep where they’re partying tonight. So drink tonight, get smashed if you want and have a ton of fun… but don’t drive afterwards. If you do, I hope you contract a nasty form of flesh eating disease that only strikes your private parts… you ass.

(this friendly public service announcement is brought to you by the letter B and your friends at The Movie Blog)

Update: Rich (the Scottish one) here. I wouldn’t normally mess with ‘the big man’s’ posts, but I felt it appropriate in this case, and I hope he doesn’t reserve that same treatment above for me now!

I echo John’s sentiments by saying don’t be an arse. There are too many wasted lives in this world of late, don’t be responsible for more. Have a wee dram but dinnae drive.

May I also wish you all a very good Hogmanay and a safe year ahead. It’s been great joining the MovieBlog these past few months and I look forward to a good year of posting and discussions. Cheers!

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14 thoughts on “Have a Safe New Year You Stupid Ass – A Public Service Announcement From The Movie Blog

  1. hey this is a good website, sad too if u have ever driven while drinking you are stupid and need your head seeing too, people out there die all the time from drin driving its stupid and really upsets me

  2. DWI, drunk driving, dui, and a license to drink.

    Copyright: 1987-2005 © Bruce Alm.

    The answer to the problem of drunk driving, etc. could be this; a permit for the purchase and consumption of alcohol beverages.

    This would not only be a major assault on the problem of drunk driving, but would also have an effect on virtually all other crimes such as these;
    murder, rape, assault, burglary, robbery, suicide, vandalism, wife beating, child beating, child molestation, the spread of aids, college binge drinking, animal cruelty, etc., the list is endless.
    If this proposition was made law, there could be a major reduction in all these areas of concern, even though the emphasis concerning alcohol abuse seems to be drunk driving in particular.

    There could also be many other positive results;

    families healed, better work performance, booze money spent on products that would help the economy (we’ve all heard of the guy who spends half his check in the bar on payday,) would spare many health problems, etc.

    This new law could go something like this:

    Any person found guilty of any crime where drinking was a factor would lose the right to purchase and/or consume alcohol beverages.

    For a first misdemeanor, a three year revocation. a second misdemeanor, a ten year revocation. a third misdemeanor, a lifetime revocation. Any felony crime, an automatic lifetime revocation.
    Anyone caught drinking alcohol without a permit would receive a possible $1000 fine and/or jail sentence. those who would supply alcohol to people without a drinking permit (and possibly make money at it,) would also lose his/her right to purchase alcohol beverages.

    What wife or husband would buy an alcoholic spouse a bottle?

    What friend would give a problem drinker a drink at the possible cost of a thousand bucks and the loss of their own privilege? This could be a total discouragement to these would-be pushers.

    This permit doesn’t seem as though it would be a problem to put into effect. It could simply be a large X, or whatever, on the back of any drivers license in any state, to show who has been revoked, and cannot purchase alcohol.

    Most people of drinking age have a driver’s license, but one area that might be a problem could be New York City, where many people don’t drive.

    This problem could be resolved, however, by a license-type I.D. specifically for the purchase of alcohol beverages. Most, if not all states have these already for the purpose of identification.
    This could be a small price to pay for the saved lives of thousands of Americans each and every year.

    After this, it would simply be a matter of drinking establishments checking I.D.s at the time of purchase.
    In the case of crowded bars, they could simply check I.D.s at the door, as they do now.

    Would this be a violation of rights?

    There can be no argument here since they already check I.D.s of people who look as though they may not be old enough to drink.

    This could be a good saying, “If a person who doesn’t know how to drive shouldn’t have a license to drive, a person who doesn’t know how to drink shouldn’t have a license to drink.”

    Here are some other pluses to this idea:

    A good percentage of people in correctional institutions are there because of alcohol related offences . Because of this, court, penal, and law enforcement costs could drop dramatically.

    The need for A.A., ALANON, MADD, SADD, etc., could be greatly diminished as well.

    What the alcoholic fears most, is the temptation to have that first drink, usually a spur of the moment type thing. Without the ability to do this, he/she is fairly safe. To start drinking again would almost have to be planned in advance. and to maintain steady drinking would be extremely difficult, in most cases.

    Even though A.A. members as a group don’t become involved in political movements, it seems as individuals, they would all be in favor of a situation like this. Any person who wants to quit drinking, even if never having been in trouble with the law, could simply turn in their license for the non-drinking type.

    A woman from MAAD, on the NBC TODAY show, said “One out of every ten Americans has a drinking problem, and that 10% consumes 60% of all alcohol beverages sold in the U.S..”

    If this is true, there could be financial problems for breweries, liquor stores, bars, rehab centers, etc., as well as lawyers, massive amounts of tax revenue ‘down the drain,’ and so on.

    But it doesn’t seem as though anyone would have a valid argument against a proposal such as this for financial reasons. To do so would be morally wrong, and could be likened to a drug-pusher attitude.

    Even with the problems this new law could present, it still could, in one sense, be considered the simple solution to the number one drug problem in the U.S. and elsewhere. Alcoholism.


    What ever happened to the skid row drunk?


  3. Dude, we’re too much on the same wavelength. I had a thought about a similar post for Screen Rant earlier today, but now that I’ve seen your I hesitate because I don’t want you thinking I’m copying you. :-/

    Great post BTW, you reach a lot more people than I do anyway. :-)


  4. Here, here. I spend a lot of my time writing traffic safety messages where I work… so I’ll rewrite it here on my own time…

    It’s so easy to take a taxi, or ride the bus for free on new year’s eve. But, it’s important to remember to do that every time you think of driving after having even a couple of drinks, not just this one special (or not so special) night.

    And, if the message of what drinking and driving can do to others doesn’t hit you where you live, how about this one… if you get caught by the police, you can lose your driver’s licence (think about taking the bus everywhere you go… not so much fun), pay substantial fines and even go to jail.

    Be safe, be smart, and happy new year!

  5. Happy new year, everyone. Personally, I have spent all of the new years when I did celebrate it in bars since the age of 14 (yes, you read right). I’m so bored of that scene now, but when I wasn’t, and at the height of the MADD campaigns, I would see countless selfish fucks make the choice to drive because they were, in their gin-soaked minds, “fine to drive.” Whatever, dude. The other reason I don’t go out is because I don’t drink anymore so I automatically get designated to drive at the end of the night. Normally this isn’t a huge deal, but when these drunktards want to stay out drinking their livers away till 4 am drinking, and then expect me to stay awake with them so I can drive them home while I’m impaired from sleep deprivation, it ceases to be fun or make sense.

    Two wrongs like that don’t make a right. And when you suggest they take a cab, almost all of them state they drank their money away that night so they HAVE to drive home at that point.

    Idiots drink like that. Selfish idiots.

  6. This line from Pretty in Pink mouthed by Duckie (Jon Cryer) always makes me laugh. “Dont drink and drive, that’s why I ride a bike!”

    Be safe all of you movie bloggers!

  7. John & Rich,
    Thanks for the reminder about drinking and driving. I, too, almost lost a family member to drunk driving. It is an easy thing that can be avoided and is a wasteful way for someone to lose their life. Please be safe out there tonite, everyone!

  8. So according to Mr. gjuro, it’s ok to hit random people in the head with babeball bats when walking down the sidewalk… because hey… when you go outside you’re “taking your chances”.

    Yes gjuro, accidents happen, and you take your chances… BUT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between getting into a car “accident” (which happens) and having some asshole who intentionally drinks and drives.

    A friend of mine nearly lost her life (spent a month in the hospital) when some bitch decided she was better than everyone else and drove after drinking. That wasn’t an accident… that wasn’t some odd random bad thing happening. That was somone making a choice to drink and drive.

    Yes gjuro, bad things happen… so why needlessly increase the chances by being a usless prick asshole driving after drinking? That’s not “fear in the city”, that just plain old fashioned common frickin sense.

  9. when we go out (mr. daniels, mr. renault and myself), we take our chances. and when you’re going out, you’re taking yours. if you feel frightened about all the bad things that are stalking out there only to harm your precious spark of life maybe it’s better to sit still in front of your tv/comp/cellular screen. nothing can harm you there..
    ouch! maybe some big framed, kick ass burglair!? the saga called “fear in the city” continues..

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