Damon replacing DiCaprio in DeNiro’s CIA thriller

MattDamon.jpgThe Good Sheperd, Robert De Niro‘s pet project about the history of the CIA through the eyes of one of the founding agents, James Jesus Angleton, has been very troubled. Just last month the funding was pulled, and I mean pulled, and this month the star of the film turns and walks away. Leonardo DiCaprio has left and DeNiro’s project looked like it was having no luck, and no chance.

However, something happened, and it happened in the form of Matt Damon who has stepped up and taken over the role. Now all they need is some money, however, according to the writers at Empire, there’s still some breath there:

…had some minor cash flow problems earlier this month but deals are being hammered out to plug the hole and make this vessel ship-shape once more.

I do share their slight concern in that it might turn into a more intelligent Bourne Supremacy, but that’s not such a bad thing. Damon is a very good actor, and he does take to the spy role rather well, let’s just hope he’s got more cash attraction status than Mr DiCaprio to help get this project on the go!

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3 thoughts on “Damon replacing DiCaprio in DeNiro’s CIA thriller

  1. I’ve always thought that between the two, Di Caprio is the better actor. He may have not played a secret agent role but I am sure he can do it well. Thank goodness for the Bourne films, it did revive Damon’s career.

    This is something I will be looking forward too as I am into this type of films, thanks again for being the first to come up with the news.

  2. Hmm Damon, or DiCaprio…I’m pleased with the turn out, to me I don’t think that Leo has the type of ‘image’ to play any sort of agent, and Damon has portrayed one so well.

    Later Guys,

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