Police Academy 8?

Direct to video must be a dream for this franchise. It would appear that Michael Winslow (Jones – the “sounds guy”) was promoting his upcoming A Dog and His Boy on a radio show and when asked about any more Police Academy movies he responded that he was in negotiations for Police Academy 8. He wasn’t joking.

Some things deserve to die. The first movie was a classic but strangely less funny the older it gets. It was funny for its time. The jokes hit on the things that were funny in 1984. Didnt hurt that I was 13 when I first saw it, but it was memorable enough to want to see the next 3. After Police Academy 4 I had no interest and have to admit that I was suprised to even hear there was an 8th in the planning stages. I heard a 5 had come out and lost track since… a 6 and 7th? Even this movie buff was suprised they existed.

Now after doing some background checks it is true that Winslow is going to be in a movie in 2004, and I even found out that they tried a Police Accedmy TV series, which Winslow was also in.

I don’t have a lot of faith that we will see PA8, but then I wouldnt have predicted 5, 6, or 7 either!

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2 thoughts on “Police Academy 8?

  1. I think the first 6 were very good .I dont know
    about part 8 though “Mission to Moscow” was just
    about OK

    I cant wait to see part 8 though. Sad to hear about
    Tacks demise!!!

  2. I can’t wait for a Police Academy 8. Part 7 was trash so I hope they step it up but I loved the first 6. They are nonsense movies but that just means a great break away from serious movies. Its like watching the stero-typical Elvis Presley movies. Just good fun. I hope they put some tits and ass in this latest PA8 like the first 2.

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