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My suggested Hidden Gem today is to pay tribute to the Late John Ritter. Likely one of the best films John appeared in. The film is called Noises Off (1992) and is one of my favourite comedies in my vast movie collection.

This little known film follows an amateur group of stage actors as they attempt to put on a comedy production while dealing with their own “workplace” dating problems and social barriers. The part that would astound most people about this film is who is all in it. Aside from John Ritter you will also find…. deep breath…. Carol Burnett, Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve, Nicolette Sheridan (who spends nearly all of the film in lingerie), Julie Hagerty and Mark Linn-Baker (Perfect Strangers on TV). All of these people together make for one hilarious film. If you have had any experience at all with plays or stage productions this will make the movie even funnier.

Be prepared to rewind to catch the parts you missed while laughed yourself to tears.

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5 thoughts on “Hidden Gem Report

  1. aww I love this movie, we are currently doing this play at my high school and I’m stage mangager so it’s pretty hectic! Major props to you!

  2. I’ve been trying to remember the title of a John Ritter movie where he’s having an affair with someone. They’re in a darkened bedroom and he’s just put on a “glow in the dark” condom when her husband(?) comes home. We’re then treated to an hilarious few minutes of a glowing item bobbing along as he runs around trying to find somewhere to hide in the dark. Is Noises Off that film?

  3. Hey dude,

    Just so ya know, as far as theatre goes, “Noises Off” isn’t that unheard of. In fact, in my time in theatre, the theatre community considers “Noises” to be a flagstone when it comes to that genre. Far too many times have I heard certain stage gags be referred to as very “Noises Off-ish”. In my run in theatre so far, it has been remounted three different times, once by a very professional theatre company.

    Although granted yes, as a film, few know of it. But the actual popularity of it is extremely popular amoungst stage actors — The Same can be said for Waiting For Guffman.

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