J-Lo bombs at the box

J-Lo bombs at the box office again
I’ve been saying it for 2 years now. Jennifer Lopez is the most highly overrated movie star in Hollywood today. She may be Jenny from the block, but she ain’t Jenny of the blockbuster. Her new film Gigli opened this weekend with a HORRIBLE $3.7 million dollar box office take, coming in 7th place. Yes, you heard that right, only $3.7 million! That easily makes it the biggest bomb I can think of in recent memory. But this isn’t a fluke.

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Lopez, she’s has yet to be an a bonified “Hit” film. Think about it. Maid in Mahattan, Enough, Angel Eyes… none of them had big box office success. J-Lo does not draw and audience to the theater. Hmmm…. do you think it might be because the woman can’t act?!?!

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