Insane Methods Actors and Actresses Use to Attain Superhero Bodies

As we enjoy great movies with talented actors and actresses, we may not realize what they went through to fit their roles. Fitness is a top priority for many movies like Thor with Chris Hemsworth, X-Men with Hugh Jackman and many others. Actors and actresses must go out of their way to achieve their dreams. Let us look in detail at some of the insane things these superheroes have to do to spice up the entertainment world.


This is the climax of preparation for all actors and actresses who are featured in major roles in big movies. Although they use different approaches, they all have to engage in tough and challenging workouts for many days a week. Gym and fitness centers become like a workplace where they report every morning to complete their training programs.

Chris Hemsworth of Thor, Stephen Amell of Arrow, Hugh Jackman of X-Men, Margot Robbie of Suicide Squad and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises are some of the actors and actresses who would spend more than five days at the gym every week to attain their goals. This is not voluntary but a requirement according to the demands of the movie. Therefore, they have no choice other than to comply.

Diet and Supplements

Although they are not exposed to steroids and supplements that will endanger their health, it is a fact that many of these people use some form of supplements. Mainly, this is to boost their health and fitness after a thorough assessment by doctors. If you ask sales agents at, they will confidently confirm that a significant number of their clients are part of this category. Getting ripped and shredded requires some type of boost, and supplements are the best. Whether it is anabolic steroids, protein shakes or other nutritional supplements, one will definitely need them if she or he must succeed.

Professional Trainers and Nutritionists

Most actors and actresses do not decide on their workout schedules, routines or even the exercises involved. They make use of professional trainers with a lot of experience. As the actresses and actors prepare for roles in movies, they have to work closely with fitness trainers and nutritionists. The main goal is to meet the deadlines with all the necessary results. In the history of movies, only a few have failed in their training.

In addition to these two types of experts, they also consult other professionals for various training. Keanu Reeves once released a video showing how he trained, and this really impressed fans and other actors and actresses. Few people know the tough training these superheroes go through or even the experts that are involved.

Discipline and Consistency

Actors and actresses confess that they must stick to tight schedules that involve hard training, a strict diet plan and a major time commitment to be ready for shooting scenes. All this requires discipline and consistency so that fans can enjoy what we see on movie screens. Sometimes, actors and actresses require a manager who will guide them in what to do in every minute. For many, this is a difficult challenge.

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