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Fall Movie Preview

This has not been a great year for film… and by looking at the Fall Movie Preview lineup… it’s not looking much better. out of the 40+ films slater to still come out this season… there are maybe 5 I’m looking forward too. I’m sure there will be some surprises … [Read More]

Goblet of Fire footage

There’s so much to watch, all these trailers, some nice pictures and now we’ve got a link for the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire footage. Through Coming Soon the footage is at WB Extra TV. All Potter fans head over and have a look then scoot back … [Read More]

Sky High Reviews

Right from the begining, Sky High sorta looked to me like a mix between Harry Potter and The Incredibles. Now, just one day away from it’s official release, it still looks like that to me… but only now it looks like it might be sorta fun. I mean come on… … [Read More]

Sky High Pictures

When I first heard about Sky High, my eyes rolled. The concept sounded quite dumb. A bad mix between Harry Potter and The Incredibles. However, I’ve gotta to admit that the cast looks just amazing and after seeing the trailer… it still looks silly… but also like it could be … [Read More]