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Sky High Trailer

One could be forgiven for thinking that Sky High is just a project that was put together in the hope of capitalizing on the popularity of The Incredibles and Harry Potter. Because on the surface… that’s all this thing looks like. Having said that, the film has Kurt Russell and … [Read More]

Top fifty British films?

“Perspective!” I scream before I show you the list. This is a list voted for by British customers of the shop HMV, and only 7,000 of them, so pinches of salt all round please. From The Independent, here are some highlights…no, in fact I just tried to go through the … [Read More]

Scottish Film Industry failing

The Scottish Film Industry is dying according to an article in The Herald. Scottish Screen, the agency charged with promoting Scotland as a film venue, said the nation was losing out to its European rivals and the latest Harry Potter film, the Goblet of Fire, could be the last of … [Read More]

MTV Movie Award Nominees 2005

Well the Oscars may look to the great, unique and classic movies and stars, but MTV goes for the popular, the loud and the explosive, and why the hell not, these need to be rewarded too. So with that, MTV are announcing their nominees for their 2005 Movie Awards, and … [Read More]

Basic Instinct 2 gains actors!

Interestingly, despite less than lukewarm reception from you all about the new Basic Instinct (Basic Instinct: Risk Addiction, and let’s face it we think it will stink. Hold on though, there’s new in today from Reuters through Yahoo of two new signings, and they aren’t small. Charlotte Rampling and David … [Read More]

BAFTA winners.

In case you didn’t know, because it wasn’t hailed as a big event anywhere much but the UK this year, but the BAFTA’s were held over the weekend. That’s the British Academy of Film and Television Awards. It was an excellent show, which I watched in a hotel room recovering … [Read More]

BAFTA nominations announced

The BAFTA’s are the awards given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and are highly respected. They themselves say: The British Academy of Film & Television Arts is the UK’s leading organisation promoting and rewarding the best in film, television and interactive media. Renowned for its high- … [Read More]