The Authority News: Anti-Justice League is Coming (Just Be Patient)

The Authority co-creator Bryan Hitch comics.

James Gunn, the co-boss of DC Studios, is cooking up a new flick called “The Authority,” and it’s not your typical superhero squad. Think Justice League, but way edgier and a whole lot less chill.

The Authority: Good Guys with Badass Methods

This crew is basically a bunch of anti-heroes. They see the world as messed up beyond repair, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to fix it… even if it means getting a little rough around the edges. We’re talking stuff like throwing down with villains, toppling governments, you name it. Basically, they get results, but their methods might raise a few eyebrows.

Gunn himself is a huge fan of The Authority and has called it a “passion project.” He wants to explore this morally grey area where the heroes aren’t exactly squeaky clean, but their intentions are good (well, kinda).

Casting News: Patience is a Virtue

While there’s no word on who will play these tough-as-nails heroes, Gunn isn’t rushing things. He wants a killer script before he even thinks about casting. So, while we might have to wait a while to see The Authority on the big screen, at least we know it’s gonna be good!

We do have a little info about the team members themselves. There’s Jenny Sparks, a super-powered woman who embodies the spirit of the 20th century. Apollo, is basically a dude with the power of the sun (sound familiar?). His partner-in-crime is Midnighter, who’s like a super soldier who thrives in the dark. The team also has a doctor with mystical abilities, a city-manipulating dude, and a winged huntress. This is, basically, a crew with some serious firepower (and brainpower!).

A Taste of The Authority in Superman

Here’s a cool bonus: One member of The Authority, The Engineer (played by María Gabriela de Faría), will actually appear in the upcoming Superman movie! So, keep an eye out for her, she might be a hint of what’s to come with The Authority.

While there’s no release date yet, The Authority is definitely on the DCU horizon. So, get ready for a superhero team that breaks the mold and throws down in a way the Justice League never could!

(Source: Deadline)

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