Face The Devil In SHAITAAN: A Fearsome Tale Of Hostility And Survival

If there is God, there’s the Devil too! If the Devil invades, you suffer No Mercy! Bollywood, this time, has released a one-of-a-kind horror-thriller that will instill deep fear in you. This is a sinister story that will make you experience more fear each time you watch it. Encounter terror in Ajay Devgn’s “Shaitaan” as the Devil openly invades humanity!

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Shaitaan – The Devil: Featuring R. Madhavan as the Devil Vanraj, Ajay Devgn as Kabir, and Janki Bodiwala as Kabir’s daughter Janhvi

Introducing R. Madhavan In Shaitaan (2024): Even If You Escape The Devil, You Cannot Escape His Fear!

It’s a fight between the good and the evil in a time of distress where a holidaying family faces grave danger. The family of four must survive a malevolent stranger who intends to destroy them. Will they be able to survive the Devil incarnated as a human? Written by Aamil Keeyan Khan, co-produced by Ajay Devgn, and directed by Vikas Bahl, “Shaitaan” debuted on March 8, 2024, and now runs in your nearest theaters!

Shaitaan (2024): It’s A Fight Between Good And Evil: Ajay Devgn Takes On R. Madhavan In This Hostile Horror-Thriller!

Shaitaan (2024) Official Trailer:

The Good:

Ajay Devgn in a still from Shaitaan
Ajay Devgn as Kabir in a still from Shaitaan (2024)

A horrifying tale where a man surpasses every extent to protect his family from the Devil who came to take his daughter away from him. It’s up to Kabir (Ajay Devgn) to flex all his muscles as well as courage to go hand-to-hand with the Devil Vanraj (R. Madhavan) to save his possessed daughter (Janki Bodiwala). What will Kabir do? How will he save his daughter who, after becoming possessed, is bent upon killing her younger brother, Dhruv (Anngad Raaj)? He has to decide…

Gripping storyline, isn’t it? Well, this is a kind of supernatural bone-chilling horror film that will make you feel fear!

R. Madhavan in a still from Shaitaan
R. Madhavan as the Devil incarnate “Vanraj” in a still from Shaitaan (2024)

Bollywood is basically a romantic and action film industry. Very rarely do we see horror films coming out. But sometimes when they do, they surpass every level of horror, suspense, and thrill. Shaitaan signifies the extent to which a father can go to save his family. At the climax, we get the essence of the popular “Drishyam” family man character of Devgn which emotionally binds us to the film even more.

As Devgn is aging, he has indulged in family man roles and has done away with being a romantic action hero. The audiences love his highly intriguing family man character which is blended with wit, concern, courage, and a bit of action at times. Devgn’s aging like fine wine, for sure!

Jyothika in a still from Shaitaan
Jyothika as Kabir’s wife in a still from Shaitaan (2024)

As for R. Madhavan, his talent knows no limits! From a rocket scientist in Rocketry: The Nambi Effect to now the Devil himself! R. Madhavan has an unmatched talent to transform into whatever character comes before him. And his makeup and facial expressions looked as heinous as his intentions. Remarkable performances, I must say!

This blood-curdling tale revolves around the dark concept of black magic in India known as “Vashikaran”, translated as “Hypnotism”. The screenplay is highly unpredictable and every instance will instill horror and suspense.

A still from Shaitaan

Don’t mistake this masterpiece of a film being similar to cheesy horror comedies like “Bhool Bhulaiyaa”. This is a complete no-nonsense, suspense-packed, and crisply edited tale of a family’s confrontation with evil. Absolutely no comedy is involved but you will surely find some serious family emotions. Besides, the film’s dark and cryptic visuals are equally enthralling.

The Devil has the “remote control” to Kabir’s daughter, Janhvi (Janki Bodiwala). Janki Bodiwala has absolutely nailed it with her horrific possessed character which will instill deadly terror. Do not watch if you happen to be weak-hearted. Jyothika as her on-screen mother looked convincing as well.

The Bad:

Stills from Shaitaan

Excuse me! I just said the screenplay is unpredictable. That was only for those who haven’t watched the Gujarati supernatural horror film “Vash” written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik.

Shaitaan happens to be an exact copy of that film. What’s more, the possessed girl was played by Janki Bodiwala in the original Gujarati film who replicates her horrifying character in this Bollywood remake. I personally feel that “Vash” was even more raw with natural acting as compared to Shaitaan.

The Verdict:

A scene from Shaitaan

Believe it or not, the scary fact is this can happen to you too! Imagine being on a vacation when suddenly you are attacked by something evil! Shaitaan’s storyline might be fictional but it has something to do with reality. Perhaps Ajay Devgn wants us to be aware of this fact. Jokes apart!

Shaitaan is not just plagued by the Devil but also infused with some ultimate creativity. This tragic horror story will thrill, chill, and also kill! If this film does not sell at the Box Office with its stellar storyline, trust me, it will surely sell with the TRP of Ajay Devgn!

Beware When You Open The Door Next Time: Because Every Guest Is Not Welcome!

Shaitaan poster


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