Miles Morales Gets Real About Anxiety in New “Spider-Verse” Short

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There’s a new Miles Morales story swinging onto the scene, and it’s tackling a real-world issue. Sony just announced the release of “The Spider-Within: A Spider-Verse Story,” an animated short film dropping on their YouTube channel for free. Here’s the deal: This short dives into the life of Miles Morales, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But this time, Miles isn’t facing down some supervillain from the Spider-Verse. He’s facing down something a lot more relatable: anxiety. Juggling school, friends, family duties, AND saving the city can be a major weight to carry. And in “The Spider-Within,” Miles experiences a panic attack that forces him to confront his own anxieties.

The Story About Anxiety

This isn’t just another action-packed Spider-Verse story. “The Spider-Within” is all about showing that it’s okay to not be okay. We all deal with stress and anxiety, and Miles’ story is a reminder that reaching out for help is a true sign of strength. The release of this short film is a team effort between Sony Pictures Animation and the Kevin Love Fund. The Kevin Love Fund is all about mental health awareness, and this short is being used as part of their new “The Hero Within” lesson plan. This lesson plan helps students explore their own mental health through creative activities.

Jarelle Dampier, the director of “The Spider-Within,” says he wants the short to spark conversations about mental health. He hopes it inspires people to talk to friends and family about what they’re going through. Mental health is important, and we all need support sometimes. Kevin Love, the founder of the Kevin Love Fund and a major NBA star, says the goal is to show young people that their feelings matter. He emphasizes the importance of talking to someone you trust, just like Miles does with his dad in the short.

“The Spider-Within: A Spider-Verse Story” is more than just a cool new Spidey adventure. It’s a reminder that even superheroes struggle sometimes. And that’s okay. So, when this short hits YouTube on March 27th, check it out. You might be surprised by the message it swings your way.

Source: Variety

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