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SXSW ain’t all tacos and free phone chargers, fam. This year, 20th Century Studios brought the spooky vibes with a whack experience inspired by their upcoming flick, “The First Omen.” Let me tell you, this wasn’t your average selfie station with influencers pretending to be deep in thought. I ventured to the Congress Street location (props to the homie working the booth, you held it down!), and here’s the lowdown on what went down.

Stepping into the booth felt like entering a whole new dimension. It was a church confession booth possessed by a mischievous spirit. The lighting was all dramatic, and the whole setup had this real “something ain’t right” aura. Let’s just say, it definitely got me hyped to crack this conspiracy wide open.

The First Omen SXSW Clues…

Now you may have noticed the mysterious folder for The First Omen SXSW. The folder has some details about the upcoming movie but I need your help in figuring out what it means. Check out these clues they dropped on me:


Yeah, those images might not seem like much at first glance, but trust me, they got me piecing things together like a private eye with a serious case of the caffeine jitters. By the time I emerged from the booth, I felt like I needed to put on a trench coat and fedora – that’s how deep this conspiracy goes.

By the way, major props to the booth designers for including a phone mount inside. Let’s be real, gotta capture that “OMG, I just uncovered the truth” moment for the ‘gram, right?

The First Omen hits theaters on April 5th, and after my SXSW experience, let me tell you, this ain’t your mama’s Omen. This prequel promises some next-level chills and a conspiracy that’ll have you questioning everything. So, mark your calendars, horror fam, because come April 5th, we’re all about to witness the birth of pure evil. You feelin’ brave enough to handle it?

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