The Legacy Of The “Fighter”: Featuring Hrithik Roshan!

A still from Fighter
Fighter (2024): Starring Hrithik Roshan (Center), Deepika Padukone (Left), and Anil Kapoor (Right)

On January 25, 2023, history was created in Hindi cinema with the release of the SRK-starring mega-blockbuster “Pathaan”. But, can you imagine, that same history was repeated one year later on January 25, 2024, with the release of an aerial action-packed thriller titled “Fighter”. This time it’s not the “Baadshah” but the “Greek God”! Hrithik Roshan stars in this heavy-hitting action-thriller alongside Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor.

Writer, producer, and director Siddharth Anand is in for an action hat-trick with his “War (2019)”, “Pathaan (2023), and now, “Fighter (2024)”! Siddharth Anand happens to be the complete mastermind of this high-octane aerial battle drama. The plot? It’s India versus Pakistan once again, this time in the air!

Experience the aerial battle with Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor!

Fighter (2024) Official Trailer:

The Good:

Fighter is a balanced action-thriller. The aerial action is intense! The best part about this movie is that it intelligently narrates a story of brotherhood and vengeance apart from all the action. You won’t find random scenes of fighter jets battling in the skies. It’s not just about aerial action stunts, but the story has emotions and mind-blowing dialogues as well. When fighter jets take off for aerial battles, you will be made aware of the stories behind every jet plane and the pilots flying them! And you would surely get emotionally attached to the stories while watching. Such is the impact of the screenplay.

The Fight Is On!

A still from Fighter
Check out Hrithik as he transforms into his invincible avatar of Indian Air Force Squadron Leader, Shamsher Pathania!

Siddharth Anand is world famous because he gives his Hindi movies a touch of Hollywood. He has indeed created a revolution in Bollywood. Now, after watching the trailer of Fighter, some of you who haven’t watched this movie might be thinking of comparing it with Top Gun: Maverick. The aerial battles with fighter jets look similar to Top Gun, right? But, wait! Fighter is a completely different story. Of course, the aerial scenes might have been inspired by Top Gun: Maverick but I would rather say that Fighter is a complete feast of action, an emotional and vengeful drama, astounding dialogue delivery, and of course, an exhilarating thrill! And I have to tell you, this movie has been inspired by true events of the Indian Air Force’s confrontation with Pakistan.

A still from Fighter

Well, aerial action is not a common thing in Hindi cinema. So, Indian audiences really enjoy it when aerial action movies like this one are released. The special effects are top-level and will give you a lifetime visual experience.

The character of the Indian Air Force Officer played by Hrithik has been created with perfection. Hrithik has superbly carried out his role and he appears dashing, charismatic, and convincing. The character’s presentation is so perfect that upon seeing this movie, you will be convinced that Hrithik is a real fighter pilot. I have to give credit to the fact that the hero in Fighter is not actually Hrithik, but the fighter jet that he flies. You will come to know what I mean when you have watched this movie. Also, Hrithik’s chemistry with his co-star Deepika Padukone is amazing. They share fiery scenes in the track “Ishq Jaisa Kuch” and together they indeed create a spicy emotional love story. What’s more, Rishab Sawhney in his villainous character adds to the thrill.

Hrithik and Deepika share a sizzling chemistry in the track “Ishq Jaisa Kuch” from Fighter!

The Bad:

A still from Fighter
A still from Fighter (2024)

The only problem with Bollywood is that it keeps repeating the same genre! Come on! Get something new to entertain us. We are done with the same storyline every time you come out with a movie!  I would suggest Bollywood that next time you come out with an aerial action movie, then make it a confrontation between two aerial gangs. That would be something new!

The Verdict:

Overall, Fighter is a visually entertaining intense action-thriller coupled with an emotional drama. The screenplay is fast-paced and will entertain you to the brim. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this! And the great news is that a sequel is expected soon!

Fighter poster


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The Legacy Of The “Fighter”: Featuring Hrithik Roshan!
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