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Why We Should Be Excited for Squid Game: The Challenge After Latest Trailer

It has been more than two years since Squid Game landed on Netflix and became a global sensation. The South Korean series followed a group of people who chose to compete in deadly competitions in hopes of winning a life-changing amount of money. Thanks to its success, the series has promised more seasons and a reality show, too! This one won’t be deadly, but it still promises similar entertainment. The latest trailer just dropped, and here is why we should be excited for Squid Game: The Challenge.

Why We Should Be Excited For Squid Game: The Challenge

The trailer immediately tells viewers that this reality show will get as close to its inspiration as possible. It uses identical set-pieces, matching challenges, and eerily similar costuming. It even makes the life-or-death situations from the series seem equally threatening, like when a player falls from great heights during the tempered glass game. However, Netflix has assured us that players were kept safe. The bullets are clearly paintballs of some sort, and any falls will have been done safely.

In addition to the unique elements of the original Squid Gamethe new series also promises some typical reality show elements. There will be plenty of player confessionals, drama amongst players, and naturally formed alliances.

What makes us most excited about the series is some of its record-breaking statistics. Just like the drama seriesThe Challenge will see 456 competitors. This claims to be “the largest cast in TV history.” And even better, the prize money will break records, too. The winner will earn $4.56 million dollars. Though it pales in comparison to the fictional show’s $38.6 million USD, it’s not a bad take-home. Based on these numbers, we won’t be surprised if the show throws even more surprises our way.

squid game prize money

Image via Netflix.

Will You Be Watching?

The success of Squid Game was impressive. The only surprising element was its popularity amongst all ages. Despite its violent nature, the series saw plenty of toys as part of its marketing and even Halloween costumes offered to youngsters. Given our reasons for being excited about Squid Game: The Challenge, we aren’t too worried about showing kids anything too dark this time around.

Thanks to the impressive prize and massive number of players, I’ll definitely try this one. As a longtime Survivor fan, seeing player dynamics on a larger scale will be interesting.

As shown in the trailer, Squid Game: The Challenge will premiere on Netflix on November 22nd. Will you be watching?

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