Percy Jackson And The Olympians Disney Plus Release Date And Trailer

Percy Jackson And The Olympians

The wait is now over. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a highly anticipated series, will debut on Disney+ on December 20, 2023. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a live-action fantasy series based on the best-selling books by Rick Riordan. The show will premiere on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, with a two-episode premiere, followed by new episodes every week, according to a new teaser from Disney+.

What the Percy Jackson Story Is About

The Percy Jackson series tells the tale of 12-year-old Percy, who learns he is a demigod and the son of Poseidon. Along with the other children of gods, he is brought to Camp Half-Blood, where they set out on an incredible trip across a mythical world.

The Previous Percy Jackson Movies

After being accused of taking Zeus’ missing lightning bolt himself, the teaser’s eponymous hero Percy Jackson teams up with his friends Grover and Annabeth to go throughout America in pursuit of it. His goal is to locate it and put Olympus back in order before the omnipotent sky deity causes a ruckus. Leah Sava Jeffries portrays Annabeth, while Aryan Simhadri plays Grover. The Lightning Thief (2010) and Sea of Monsters (2013) are films based on the first two of the series’ five novels. They included Brandon T. Jackson as Grover, Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth, and Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. The movie series had a poor box office performance, and no further pictures were produced.

The Disney Plus Cast

The show also has a number of prominent star-studded appearances including the late Lance Reddick as Zeus, Jay Duplass as Hades, Adam Copeland as Ares, and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hermes. Walker Scobell plays Percy Jackson, while Aryan Simhadri and Leah Sava Jeffries play Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase.

Disney posted a fresh teaser on social media revealing the release date on August 19th.

Percy Jackson And The Olympians Season 2 on Disney Plus

The live-action version of the book series was initially revealed by Disney+ in January 2022, along with the information that author Rick Riordan will collaborate with Jon Steinberg to create the pilot. Steinberg and Dan Shotz dealt with the production.

The series executive producer, Rick Riordan, previously stated work has already started on the 2nd season. How much of Season 2 has been written, though, is unknown because of the writers’ strike.


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