Mike Colter Sounds Okay With Leaving Luke Cage Behind

Mike Colter Luke Cage

Actor Mike Colter is a beloved name in the blerd community. The actor shot to fame by starring as the Marvel character Luke Cage in several shows on Netflix. Mike’s performance of the character was well received based on his strong performance and strong writing. I still owe a debt of gratitude to the writers for giving my wife and me the codeword “coffee”. With actor Charlie Cox now reprising his role as Matt Murdock for Disney+ and fans want to know if Colter might follow in his footsteps and reprise Luke Cage. Well, unfortunately, it’s sounding like while the actor is leaving the door open to the possibility he may be okay if that character is not in his future. The crushing Luke Cage news comes from the following interview with Screenrant:

This is crushing news for fans holding hope for a Defenders reunion on Disney+. Luke Cage was a fantastic show and had a fantastic first season with outstanding villain performances from Mahershala Ali and Alfre Woodard. The second season didn’t resonate as well with me but I would love to see this character return. When asked about the role in the past Colter has mentioned that the physical work is demanding and implied that it was impacting his decision. Let’s see where Marvel goes from here with the rest of The Defenders. Fans are still closely watching the social media platforms of the legacy Netflix actors hoping to find clues on possible returns. This latest statement from Colter certainly comes as a gut punch but I will take comfort in that he’s seemingly leaving the door open.

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