Live Action Gears of War Movie Announced

Gears of War

Gears of War is a video game franchise from the mid-2000s of Microsoft. The Gears of War video game franchise is from a time in gaming when the Xbox 360 was regularly disrupting the video game world. Epic games’ amazing franchise brings a whole new level of realism and grit to the shooting genre with its innovative mechanics and controls. The franchise is so popular that Microsoft made the decision in securing and buying the Gears of War franchise from developer Epic Games. The early 2000s is an awesome time in gaming. Who could forget CliffyB’s updates about Marcus Phoenix and his epic chainsaw gun?

We’re learning that the franchise will return but this time in a live-action movie and an animated series for adults. The news reads as follows:

Netflix has announced two new Gears of War projects with a live-action movie and an adult animated series. Gears of War centers on the war between an alien horde called the Locust and the remnants of humanity led by the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Initially following protagonist Marcus Fenix and his fellow soldiers, the franchise later moved to focus on Marcus’ son JD while also introducing a new threat called the Lambent.

Announced by Netflix on the 16th birthday of the first Gears of War title, the franchise is finally getting a well-deserved adaptation. Declared as a partnership between Netflix and developers The Coalition, Gears of War will receive both a live-action movie and an adult animated series. Further teasing the adaptation, Netflix also confirmed that there’s potential for more stories in the universe to be developed after the confirmed two projects.

This is pretty awesome news. After the success of Halo on Paramount+ and the announcement of the Bioshock movie, things look good for a Gears of War movie. Halo proved that sci-fi videogames adaptations can be awesome and this has the potential to be among the best.

That said, I need to make one thing perfectly clear. I can’t see anyone other than Dave Bautista as Marcus Fenix.

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