World’s First Arab Superhero Movie Antaar

Antaar is a new international film coming from the middle east. I’ve been dipping my toe in international stories lately and there’s something about films from other countries that have been catching my eye lately. I came across this press release for Antaar in my inbox that caught my attention.

Vision 3000 Announces Launch of the First Arab Superhero Movie “ANTAAR”
Dubai December 20, 2021: In the presence of HRH Sheikha Dana Al-Sabah, film
makers, stars and public figures, Vision 3000 proudly announced the launch of
“ANTAAR” – a game-changing Arab superhero live action feature film executively
produced by Salim Zahabi, with production being helmed by London based producer
Tyrone Satchwell.
“ANTAAR” is the first film of this scale produced in the gulf region, with an A-list cast
being attached in the near future.
“ANTAAR” features a superhero character distinguished with genes of a legendary hero,
famous for his Arab poetry and courage, derived from rich Arabian history. Salim Zahabi:
“ANTAAR” is an Arabian dream.

Now, I would argue that we already have our first arabian superhero but who am I? I’m curious about this one since it’s a story involving the legend of the Phoenix and what appears to be Arabian history. I’m intrigued and curious. Let me know what you guys think and if you’d like to see this one reviewed after release.

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