Five Tips For Organising Perfect At-Home Movie Night

When it comes to the perfect way to clearing the mind and spending a quiet and cosy evening after a busy day, watching a movie is an important ritual for many people all around the world. Whether you are planning to watch a movie with your family members, friends, loved ones or by yourself, make sure to use these tips for creating your own cinema and having a pleasant at-home movie evening.

Choose The Show/Movies Ahead Of Time

How many nights have you spent searching for the great TV show or movie, only to give up and hit the hay or rewatch the film that you have already seen before? The key to organising a great movie night is planning ahead. 

Depending on your auditory, you can pick a certain actor or director and watch a couple of films from their filmography or allow each person to select one movie they want to watch during your movie night.

Improve Sight Lines

Most of us have our own “favourite spot” in the theatre, whether it is in the front, middle, side or back. Think about your favourite place to sit in the movie theatre and then figure out how you can recreate the same line of sight at home. 

This could mean that your TV is too far away or too far to the right of the ideal seating position. Thus, you will need to solve the problem by rearranging your television or furniture.

Create The Right Ambiance

If you are serious about setting the scene for a movie marathon, you can recreate the movie theatre experience at home by adjusting surround sound, dimming the lights and turning on the air conditioner. Although these seem like small details, they can take your movie night comfort to the next level and help everyone get into a movie. You can even add further to this exciting cosy atmosphere by bringing extra pillows and blankets, adding colourful night lights or some scented candles.

Don’t Forget The Snacks

Let’s face it – you can’t have a movie night without popcorn and other tasty snacks! Try to forget about the “no food rule” in the living room for a day and surround yourself with classic movie-night munchies like popcorn, crackers, large pizza or nachos, as well as different beverages to have easy access to food and avoid pause interruptions throughout the film. 

What’s more, you can take your snacks to the next level with CBD oil. Using CBD oil for anxiety can aid in lowering stress levels, making you calmer and more focused throughout the movie marathon. To reap its potential benefits, you can add a few oil drops to your snacks and drinks or purchase ready-made options like CBD oil gummies, chocolate, sparkling water or dried fruits infused with this beneficial supplement.

Determine Intermissions

Scheduling intermissions is an essential step in planning a movie night as moving around during your marathon over and over again might be irritating, even for the most patient person. 

To minimise interruptions, discuss with the group and choose the best time to pause the film and take a quick break prior to continuing your movie marathon. When everyone knows how long they should wait for a break to grab a snack or go to the bathroom, they are likely to be more patient and stay in their seats.

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