Does CBD Improve the Movie-Watching Experience?

There is a litany of tales regarding watching films while high. Such users claim that the experience is enhanced while intoxicated on THC. At least, that’s according to those who can remember!

However, there is a trend towards CBD and movies. The idea is that you will become more relaxed during the process. Above all, you don’t experience the same intoxicating high as with THC.

If you decide to have a CBD movie night, it is essential to consider the form you consume. An edible can take up to 120 minutes to affect. Therefore, it only begins working when the film has ended!

Vaping is a better option. Purchase the best CBD vape cartridge online, and use it during the movie. When you vaporize CBD, it has a faster impact. You also benefit from a higher rate of bioavailability. In layman’s terms, more of the CBD gets to the bloodstream than with edibles of tinctures.

However, if the link between CBD and movies isn’t real, none of the above is relevant. Let’s check out how CBD can improve the movie-watching experience and check if any studies back up these assertions.

Reduced Anxiety = Escape from Reality

For many film lovers, it is all about detaching themselves from reality for a while. Whether you want to jet into outer space or watch the Marvel team save the world, there’s a lot to be said for escapism.

However, it is hard to embrace this feeling if you carry your real-world anxiety into the room. This is where CBD comes in. There is a link between cannabidiol and a sense of relaxation. Those who use the cannabinoid claim that they feel chilled out and free of anxiety.

There is research to back up such suggestions. A review of studies published in Neurotherapeutics in October 2015 analyzed whether CBD was a potential treatment for anxiety disorders. According to the researchers, existing preclinical evidence supports CBD as a treatment for social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and other stress-related disorders.

Therefore, it is worth vaporizing some CBD before the movie starts if you’re feeling edgy. It could help you watch without a feeling of anxiety.

Improves Focus

Anyone who has ever watched Memento, Donnie Darko, Incognito, or Mulholland Drive, will know the importance of retaining high concentration levels during a movie. Zone out while watching any of the above for even two minutes, and you will be left baffled.

If your focus tends to drift while at a film, consider using CBD. It could help improve your concentration and ensure you don’t miss any crucial plot points. This process will help you enjoy the film even more. You can also proudly proclaim to your friends that you saw the twist coming.

The thing is, there are many things capable of shifting your focus away from the movie. For instance, if you didn’t get enough sleep, you will be too tired to concentrate on the three-hour mind marathon ahead of you. Another possible issue is chronic pain. It is hard to focus on even the best movie if you are in a great deal of pain. Individuals with ADD or ADHD also have issues when it comes to concentration.

It seems that CBD could help with all of the above. A study published in The Permanente Journal in 2019 looked at how cannabidiol could help with sleep and anxiety. Almost 80% of volunteers in the study that used CBD reported a lower level of anxiety. Approximately two-thirds reported better sleep.

Meanwhile, a study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology in 2020 looked at CBD for chronic pain. The researchers found that preliminary studies offered positive results.

CBD & Movies – Using & Dosing

One issue that the 2020 study outlined was the unregulated nature of the market. Unfortunately, CBD isn’t federally legal. It is widely available in CBD stories in almost every state, and online suppliers also send their products to most locations. Cannabidiol is also widely tolerated in most European nations and dozens of other countries.

However, a lack of regulation means that there is a risk of finding low-grade products. When buying CBD for a movie, make sure it comes from a reputable source. These companies use industrial hemp grown legally in the United States or EU. These products have a maximum of 0.3% THC, and third-party lab reports to prove it.

As for dosage, it varies according to the person. When you buy a CBD vape cartridge, buy CBD flower, you know how much CBD is in the container and should be able to calculate how many mg is in each puff. From there, you can outline how much you need. In general, you should stick to 5-10mg of CBD when starting. See how it impacts you before deciding if you need to increase the dosage.

If you feel anxious or in pain, try using CBD before a movie, and see if it improves the experience.

About the Author

As someone who enjoys a good movie, Kayla Burns understands how CBD can enhance the experience. She has a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics in Canada but moved to the United States to get involved in the rapidly growing health and fitness industry. There, she discovered the many benefits of CBD and is dedicated to writing informative content for readers on WayofLeaf. Kayla knows that the industry needs a lot of work, especially in terms of regulation, but is hopeful that it becomes mainstream. 


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