Dan Radcliffe is a BEAST OF BURDEN

Beast of Burden

Those of you who know my writing know that I have a fascination with the career or Daniel Radcliffe. I’ve literally watched this actor develop on screen for a huge portion of his formative years. As such I’ve chosen him as my bit of a character study to assess his Hollywood career post Potter. Things are, for the most part, hit or miss with how well his performances are in film and the films in which he chooses to appear. Now You See Me 2 was fun, but it wasn’t actually¬†his movie. Now Dan is taking another stab at leading a film with the Beast of Burden and here’s the trailer:


This trailer is TENSE! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m¬†interested in seeing Dan Radcliffe acting as Liam Neeson in what should clearly be a Liam Neeson movie! They have a cool premise with his character having to make a decision while flying a small plane and the action looks pretty intense. Kudos to the director and cinematographer for putting together a fine trailer. Now all we need to do is see Radcliffe go all ‘Taken’ on someone and I’ll sign up.

What do you think? Do you still care about the career of Radcliffe or am I just over excited due to the winter weather?

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One thought on “Dan Radcliffe is a BEAST OF BURDEN

  1. Definitely still interested in his career!
    Really like a lot of the movies he’s been in since Harry Potter.
    Believe it or not, I loved Swiss armyman <3

    I'm a member of "Team Radcliffe" for sure!


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