This new trailer for The Great Wall is a LOT better with LESS Matt Damon

Yep, I said it. A few things bothered me about the first trailer I saw for the Great Wall including the seemingly dulled performance of Matt Damon so I wasn’t exactly enthused to watch this latest trailer. I watched and I’ve changed my mind. Not about Matt Damon, no, he’s still stiff as Deadpool at a Golden Girls convention but everything else seemed amazing. I couldn’t understand a word but I was still utterly amazed.

The power ranger armies are pretty cool looking with their feudal armor showing a Weta level of detail that is pretty remarkable, and then there’s the increasing presence of the monsters. This movie is billing this battle at the wall as the main event with everything else being secondary so my curiosity has piqued and I am wondering what these threats look like. Will they vary like Kaiju in Pacific Rim or are they all the same design?

I need you, the reader, to do 2 things for me:

  1. Edit this super cut to remove all Matt Damon
  2. Find me the creature designs




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