Is “The Shocker” Coming to Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming is still far away, but little by little we have gotten releases of the films amazingly diverse cast. From Hannibal Buress, to Zendaya, Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to depict Queens, New York the way it should have been from the start.

While we still don’t know who over half of this awesome cast will be playing, the rumors and speculations continue to fly, as we wait to see Tom Holland take on the web-slinger role for the second time.

Zendaya is portraying Michelle, while Tony Revolori takes on the antagonistic role of Flash Thompson. Michael Keaton is said to play the Vulture , while a new rumor has emerged about the second villain Peter Parker may be facing.

The Shocker Spider-Man: Homecoming

Bokeem Woodbine (who was also added to this awesome cast), was stated to be playing the shocker via The Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page. The Shocker is that villain who always gets whooped by Spider-Man, but still makes very cool debuts with his raspy voice and disruptive self made shocker gauntlets.

So while Michael Keaton will be portraying the films suggested main villain, if this rumor is true and the Marvel Cinematic Universe page did spill a secret, look for this duo to debut a awesome mix up for the young Peter Parker.

I personally cannot wait until we get to see who Childish Gambino ( Donald Glover ) and Hannibal Buress are playing !

Who do you think these unknown castings will be ?

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