Check out how the cast of Hook looks today

Hook is one of my favorite movies. It was the right mix of wonder and magic to leave a great impression on a child and starred the irreverent Robin Williams as Peter Pan(ning)! The folks over at ET got Peter’s “Lost Boys” cast back together, (in costume!), for a photo shoot to do a “then and now” on the 2 year anniversary of Robin Williams’ passing and they’re… mostly unrecognizable.




I’m so going to watch this tonight. Rufio actor Dante Basco has aged well and is mostly recognizable. Everyone else I’d pass on the street without a second thought.

This image has reminded me that I still miss Robin Williams. He was an outstanding comedian and very beloved by children thanks to his child-like antics and family friendly films. His passing has left a void that has not yet been filled and it makes me sad that my own kids won’t be able to appreciate an actor of his calibre like I did.

Enjoy this retrospective I found online:



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