Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’s 3rd trailer ups the action

Batman vs Superman debuted a new trailer last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Ben Affleck himself sitting as a guest and introducing the footage. This new trailer is probably the most complete look we’ve had for the film thus far giving us incredible insight into the personality of Lex Luthor as well as revealing that Doomsday is in fact the true villain that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman will team up to take on. Check it out for yourslef:

Wow. Not only was it as visually impressive as I expected but it pretty much showed us the entire movie. Heck, if someone takes the time and effort to supercut this with all the other previously released footage then we’ll have a fairly good overview of most of the acts in the film.


  • I can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel like Ben Affleck is making for a decent Bruce Wayne in this movie. I can’t speak for his Batman just yet but his Bruce Wayne doesn’t seem all that terrible. The only thing missing was him exiting his antique car with a pair of women but I guess as he’s an older guy he may not be so much of a playboy as he was in his youth.
  • Henry Cavill seems to be getting buried in what was once ‘Man of Steel 2’.
  • Gal Gadot hasn’t spoken much (if at all) in any of the footage
  • Lex Luthor is a dork
  • Doomsday SMASH!
  • Story still seems terrible

What are your thoughts on this trailer? What do you think of Doomsday reveal? Too soon?

[Warner Bros]


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