Dirty Grandpa Trailer

It stinks. Seriously, this is really getting out of hand now. I think that Zac Efron kid is a nice looking kid and all but he is really having trouble finding his footing in Hollywood. And now he’s saddled with Robert DeNiro in his latest movie:

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At first he was stuck in Nicholas Sparks hell and kept making movies like that and now he’s stuck in frat humor hell. The college kids clearly didn’t come out for his last movie, We Are Your Friends, and it’s obvious that the movie before that, Neighbors, relied on Seth Rogen as a draw.

Poor, poor Zac Efron. This guy really needs to call up Leonardo DiCaprio and ask him for advice on how to sidestep this shit.

Is anyone planning on seeing this movie? Am I wrong? PLEASE someone tell me I’m wrong.

[Slash Film]

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