Suffragette Official Trailer

Women suffrage was a very real thing in history, still remains an issue in certain places of the world. I am ashamed to admit that I know very little about the topic. This might be the same case for some of you. The trailer did a great job of intriguing. It would have been prefect, if it was not for that God awful song towards the end. As a word of advice, never place a modern song in a period piece. The cinematography looks phenomenal. The acting looks award-winning. Plus, Meryl Streep is in the film so … you already know. I already know this movie is going to be a great. In hindsight, hopefully awareness can be raised about the Women Suffrage Movement and all of the enriched history that embodies the subject matter at hand. That will have people thinking and researching well after the movie is done, because I know I surely will. Watch the trailer, and let me know what you think.


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