Vacation Official Red Band Trailer #1

I’ve been wrong about comedy before. So, I’m a little reluctant to get my hopes up high. Plus, Vacation is a reboot/sequel, and we all know how those turn out. They turn out bad, if you were wondering. That being said … the trailer was pretty funny. Chris Hemsworth was the one that sold it for me. I giggled, here and there; but, when Chris was showing them how to work the television remote, I LOST IT! Thank God, I’m not an actor. There’s no way, I could have done that scene with a straight face. All and all, it was an okay, first trailer. My mind wasn’t blown. But, it peaked my interest enough to want more. My only concern is if they possibly utilized all their good material in the trailer. And, we get left with the trash when the film comes out. Here’s to hoping, I’m beyond wrong.


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VAC-02753r-600x401 71335hahaha

I have faith in your Vacation. Don’t Rim Job me!!!

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