Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Round Up Review


I had the chance to attend the 2014 Baltimore Comic Con and enjoy many of the attractions that the event and Baltimore had to offer. While I’m becoming a veteran when it comes to these conventions, I will say that this convention was more of a purist convention that I have not experienced before.


By purist, I mean a convention centered entirely around comic books and their respective artists and writers rather than the mainstream Hollywood influence that most of these conventions now have. Names like Greg Capullo (Batman), Dan Jurgens (Superman), and many more influential writers and artists were there to appease the hardcore fans that followed the original inceptions of their favorite heroes.


Many of the artists shared their insight and input through a variety of panels going on throughout the days of the convention. For readers of the New 52 reboot of many DC Comics superheroes, Greg Capullo, David Finch, and Dan Jurgens shared their thoughts on the series and the exciting things to look forward to. Their counter-part Marvel had a similar discussion through the voices of Mark Waid, Jim Starlin, and Tom Brevoort. Both promised exciting futures for comic books with a variety of new storylines that will surely engage their current readers and possibly gain more readers as well.


This is great for Marvel and DC cinema because new stories will always equate to more and more related films due to continued popularity. The reinforcement of this statement from these artists almost defines a symbiotic relationship between comic books and comic book films meaning that both will continue to feed off of each other and continue to grow.


Finally, no convention would be complete without the Cosplay. A variety of cosplayers showed up for the event in full costume. Each of these cosplay participants put a lot of time and effort into making and wearing these elaborate costumes which made everyone feel as if they were at a true superhero gathering.

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