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You might remember her as the hot brunette Maria in the Harold and Kumar movies, or the more intense Officer Tina Hanlon on the Shield. Those strikingly good-looks will be coming to select theaters and VOD on August 8th. I got a chance to speak to Paula about the film, as well as her other current projects.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Maid’s Room, follows Drina, an immigrant from Colombia who gets hired as a maid for a wealthy Hampton’s family. The issues that arise leave Drina in a middle of a bloody trail. Having a maid be the central character in a psychological thriller isn’t the most common movie idea. One of the first questions presented to Paula Garces was if she prepared for the role of Drina by studying maids? She replied, “I talked to my grandmother a lot. She immigrated to the US in the 1960’s and was a maid.”


She added, “I spoke to her about certain scenes in the film, I told her a lot about Drina.  She loved the character, and how the movie portrayed her. Talking to my grandma helped a lot”.


The film deals with a few different issues, prompting to viewer to question morality and distinguishing right from wrong.


“That’s exactly what I got from the film. I watched it several times, and had myself thinking every time. What would I do to protect my loved ones?” Garces said. “The character of Drina is a moral person. She does things the right way, and is a bit naive. “It does make you think if choices they make can be justified, some people will think there is no moral reason to do what they did, yet others might think, would I do that for my family?” She explained, “There is this grey area in which there is no right or wrong.”


Paula+Garces+Venexiana+Front+Row+Spring+2012+4lVux1zPDmflAside from promoting the film, there are other projects Paula is currently working on and involved with. Besides her acting credits, she also has done some writing and producing. Most notably she is fresh off from appearing at this years San Diego Comic-Con where she was promoting her comic book series.


“I am so happy about the feedback we have been getting for Aluna. It’s a a series of comic books that is about a Latina superhero named Aluna. I have always wanted to have a Latina comic book character that readers can get behind with. Aluna, not only is a character that appeals to the Latin community, but she has world-wide appeal”.


She added, “The writing team for the comic comes from the same team that wrote the Assassins Creed video game. It is a character and comic book that I am very passionate,  and proud to be involved with. I’m excited to see the fans embrace her.”


When asked what is the best way to get a hold of the comic and find out more about it, Paula said, “The best way to find out more about the comic and get the latest information is on through the website”


Considering her most recognized role to date was in the Harold and Kumar movies, I inquired about her feelings towards making another Harold and Kumar film. She responded, “I love the Harold and Kumar movies. They were so much fun to make! The fans have been so supportive and great, the film has such a loyal following. If they decide to make another one, John, Kal, and I will be right there for it”.


Paula isn’t the only film you will be seeing Paula in this year. “I just finished doing a film with Rose Byre, Nick Kroll and Joel McHale called Adult Beginners, which is a romantic-comedy. Also, worked on a film called Shhh. So those should be out later this year,”  Garces said.


Finally, the gracious Paula Garces wanted to make sure to thank her fans. She said, “I love my fans, they have always been very supportive, and I enjoy interacting with them through social media.”


Paula can be reached through her various social media accounts:


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