Chloe Grace Moretz has a spiritual presence in trailer for ‘If I Stay’


I’ve watched Chloe Grace Moretz grow up on film and I’ve been a fan of hers since the beginning. As the bad ass Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass, the eerie Abby in Let Me In, or even the mature adolescent Rachel in 500 Days of Summer, she’s had some amazing performances. Lately she’s been on a bit of a slump but the trailer for the unexpectedly supernatural If I Stay looks intriguing for what seems like a surface level teen romance. Take a look below.



At first it seems like the trailer is telling a typical story but then takes a complete 180 midway through. I know that it seems like a teen romance and it may be, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be entertaining. Remember that even films like Ghost were nominated for an Oscar and while I’m not saying this is even close to being nominated for anything, I am just pushing for everyone to keep an open mind.

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