Trailer: ‘Grudge Match’ pokes fun at Stallone and Deniro’s boxer portrayals

It seems like boxing will never die as Stallone puts on the gloves once again. This time Stallone shares the ring with Robert DeNiro but the theme of this film is more comical than inspirational. Take a look at the trailer for Grudge Match below.



Seeing these two in the ring will definitely draw in the audience but the plot of the film may be very generic. We’ve seen Stallone in the gloves so many times that it would have to be a comedy in order for us to want to see it again. And just in case we were entirely exhausted of Stallone’s boxer portrayal, they throw a wrench in the gears by putting Rocky up against the Raging Bull. The premise of the story is weak and has mostly been done, they threw in an all-star comedian like Kevin Hart to give some actual comic relief, and the rest of the appeal is left up to the film’s stars. Of course this is only the trailer, but I don’t foresee this film being anything spectacular. What does everyone else think?

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