What should John review next?


First off: Thank you.  You guys don’t know a lot about what goes on behind the scenes but it’s because of you readers that we’ve been able to get a lot accomplished in the past year here on TMB, none of which would have happened without the continued interest of some of you die-hards.  We don’t make ANY profit from this site and all writers are involved purely for the love of what we do which is sharing the correct movie opinions with you guys.


I’ve been meaning to start a series of more intimate posts that give a bit more transparency to the site and how we do things and this is as good a place to start as any.  So I was talking to J.C., (That’s John Campea), today to talk about his reviews.  J.C. is a bit of a “vagabond” and pops up whenever he wants.  (Who am I to say anything, he made the site, right?)  So we were talking about The Hobbit, and how he didn’t like 48 F.P.S. and will opt for the 24 F.P.S. version, with regard to his review for this weekend and the next question/topic raised was what he should review after.  We tossed around ideas and came up with the following 3 films:


Zero Dark Thirty

Django Unchained

Les Miserables


Three hot topic films for sure, with the only downside being that I can pick only one film for him to review.  That’s the deal.   Not an easy choice at all so I came up with the idea of asking you guys, the readers, which seemed to resonate pretty well with the other writers and here we are.  Out of these three films, which one would you like John to review?  Remember, we can only choose 1 for now.  If this works well I’ll go ahead and ask you guys each month with the goal of getting John to be able to provide a lot more on a more consistent basis.  Let me know what you think in the comments, and remember to only choose 1 film.


I couldn’t have gotten John to return to the site without you guys and I’m hoping to maintain an upward trajectory with your help. Thanks again International friends!!


-= Anthony



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9 thoughts on “What should John review next?

  1. BTW, just wanted to throw out a Thank you to you guys running the site… no easy task the last few years but you guys have been doing well for a while now, and I wanted to send some appreciation back your way.   Ive been following since back in the day and yearn for the glory days of the audio edition and Doug’s profanity laced tirades, Darren’s quibs, (later Bruxy’s analytical tones) and John steering the ship.  Its a different site today, but its gaining consistency and quality every day.  So once again, thanks for keeping it going.

    1. @KevinC1 Thanks for the feedback.  I know that I’m new to the group but I am privileged to be apart of this team as well.  Anthony has been leading The Movie Blog and remained consistent on a daily basis.  I think he deserves the credit because he honestly works his ass off to make sure that everything is current and exciting…even if we disagree on Spider-Man…haha

  2. Just throwing this out there, what about a review/discussion about the Man of Steel trailer playing in front of the Hobbit.  From what I remember, John was a fan of Superman Returns and I would love to hear some speculation and ideas or comparisons about what they give us with this trailer.  That and definitely Django Unchained…

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