Teaser Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness

We finally have our first real footage to review for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek sequel titled “Into Darkness”. I’ve already watched the clip and I want you to know something before you take a look: This is an action packed clip. I know, I criticized the idea of Star Trek being associated with “action” but with this teaser it intrigues enough to inspire thought provoking questions and mutters of “WTF”. Check it out:




Now the trailer isn’t bad, it’s just really familiar. Anyone who’s seen Skyfall will look and wonder if this is another film in which a former disgruntled employee has returned to go postal. From what I can see in the clips this is exactly the case and may follow similar ideas in a recently released high profile film.


That being said, the trailer itself is really good. It allows me to see all the right familiar faces, its interesting, quickly paced but informative and introduces us to our villain Benedict Cumberbatch. I still don’t know his Star Trek name but they satisfied enough pre-requisites to both tease and encourage interest. I hope more information about the film is released now that the first trailer is out the way and we learn more as to what the hell is going on and why is Cumberbatch so pissed? Did he come to kill Tyler Perry? Inquiring minds would like to know…


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One thought on “Teaser Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness

  1. im starting to thinkCumberbatch isnt Kahn at all, im starting to edge more towards the Gary Mitchell character as seen in TOS: Where No Man Has Gone Before, and even more now that ive read this on memory alpha 
    The Gary Mitchell from the alternate reality created by Nero appears in the first two issues of the IDW Star Trek series; having been assigned to the Enterprise on Kirk’s request, Mitchell again succumbs to the barrier’s influence – a mind-meld performed by Spock confirms that there is no intelligence in Mitchell after the barrier takes over – but during the confrontation on Delta Vega, while Mitchell is tormenting Kirk, he is defeated when Spock sneaks up on the occupied Mitchell and delivers a Vulcan nerve pinch, incapacitating Mitchell long enough for his real self to take over and ask Kirk to kill him. Mitchell is then “killed” by a phaser blast. His body put into a torpedo tube and blasted into space a la Spock in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The Enterprise leaves Delta Vega’s orbit as Mitchell’s torpedo tube is left floating in space at the conclusion of this issue.

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