Darth Vader is back for the new Star Wars films?!?


After the news of the Star Wars franchise continuing with a new trilogy, details have been revealed about an integral part of Star Wars returning to the screen. It seems as though Darth Vader has not worn out his welcome and will be resurrected for the upcoming franchise.


Following news that Disney has bought the rights to the lucrative sci-fi franchise and plans to make at least three more movies, industry insiders say the evil Vader will grace the big screen again.

“He’s an integral part of the franchise. Replacing him is virtually impossible,” explains a film mole.

“The plan is for him to return and play a significant role in the new films.”

Via: Express.co.uk


I’ve read the ideas for the 7th, 8th, and 9th film and the idea of cloning to bring back characters. The story was interesting but I honestly think that Darth Vader should stay dead. He has served his purpose and I feel that including him in the next films would be using him more as a cash cow than an integral part of the story. I would like to see the story progress and the inclusion of Vader may inhibit the story from truly moving forward. If he is briefly included, it could work, but to have another trilogy center around him would seem like the films being recycled, which the fans do not want.

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12 thoughts on “Darth Vader is back for the new Star Wars films?!?

  1. Ok if they have his force ghost appear that might work (he does it in the extended). Perhaps as an advisor to Luke like Obi-wan or appear to a young jedi that might be touching dark side (since the new trilogy will probably involve the new jedi order and its beginnings). But Vader shouldn’t be an integral part of the story. Cloning is silly.

  2. This is unfortunate.  Unless they plan to sandwich this new trilogy in between episode 3 and 4, this would be very bad.  To bring him back after episode 6 would completely undo his redemption in the OT and pretty much negate the entire franchise.  Ill wait to hear more before I get heated, but this is plain silly.

  3. I’m not buying this story. It just doesn’t make sense. Lucas is still advising & I don’t think he would do that. He could have shown plenty of Vader in Episode 3 & chose not too!

  4. actually,guys, it just MIGHT be the “story of vader”. for me the whole sextology was about the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. that’s what made the new trilogy forgivable, and gave Star Wars a kind of continuous thread. that’s why i’m totally against adding any new sequels– anakin’s journey is done. 
    Vader coming back for the new series would just be a complete travesty. definitely boycotting if that happens.

    1. Oh, so was episode 1 about Anakin? He had about what – 30-40 minutes of screentime?! Maybe even less. For me Anakin became a sith when he slaughtered those sandmen after the death of his mother. He wasn’t slowly seduced by the dark side of the force as he should have been, he was bad fucking rotten apple from tha start to begin with. Anyway – my point is the original star wars trilogy was more about Luke’s journey and the other HEROES – a series of adventures and about the rebels against the empire. In the prequels – episodes 2 and 3 (as we said episode 1 was not about Anakin at all) Lucas just tried to close the series and he forced Darth Vader to become the main star of the show. I sincerely hope Disney has learned the right lessons of how to NOT screw Star Wars – they should just look at the prequels (bad dialog, crappy storyline, fucked up stoty arcs etc.etc.).
      Darth Vader =/= Star Wars.

  5. Fuck you, Disney! Star Wars is not all about Darth Vader, in the old trilogy he was just a bad ass commander, who servered under the emperor, but he was not the main figure. True, he is one of the most iconic personas in modern cinema, but you should try something new and innovative with the third trilogy. For fuck sake, make somethig like the videos from SW TOR – develop an interesting story about the siths. I’m sure there is plenty of good books and a lot of lore that can be used in order to make a fine movie. For the love of all that is good – we need a good trilogy, if this one is no good Star Wars is for sure done (Lucas almost completely destroyed the franchise with the prequels) so make it right this time. We deserve a good SW movie!

      1. @Ryan Brown TMB  @dRadnev Still if you read the book “Darth Vader” Rise to Power it was very powerful, bringing in a number of  iconic characters and introducing new ones. I always felt it would have made an outstanding movie as Vader learns to adjust not just to his badly damaged body, but learns his place in the empire and the power of the dark side! And he also begins to understand the way he was manipulated by Sidious!

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