Trailer: The Lone Ranger


The first trailer for next summer’s The Lone Ranger is online and maintains the momentum that this film is trying to develop in advance of the films’ release. I guess they read Kenny’s post about how early promotion worked out for Prometheus. The film stars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp and is directed by Gore Verbinski as a Jerry Bruckheimer production:


I keep saying this about this movie: It’s not what I expected. Not at all. It had all of the required explosions and scale to justify the $200 million expense in production and very much seems like a summer tentpole even this far our from release. Depp found another excuse to paint his face pale, which is always fun, and Hammer may have found his breakout role. I’m apprehensive that this trailer gave me some serious “Wild, Wild, West” vibes which I’m sure isn’t the type of connotation they want with this film but it’s only a teaser and there’s plenty of time for them to fix that perception.


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