TC Sayz Mission Impossible 5 is happening


T.C., (that’s Tom Cruise), is making a statement for all you naysayers who doubt the legs of the Mission Impossible franchise. His last entry into the Mission Impossible franchise not only was the best critically received among all of the others, it was also the most profitable raking in almost $700 million worldwide.

We’re already working on different [scenes]. Talking conceptually,” saidTom Cruise¬†while promoting “Jack Reacher.” “I love traveling around promoting different movies because I’m always looking at different places, and I always walk around to see the city. I look at architecture, subways… coming up with different sequences.

Cruise added that he plans to keep making “Mission: Impossible” installments for the rest of his career. “I started ‘Mission: Impossible’ hoping I could make many of them,” he said. “It’s a character that I can grow with. I’ll make as many as people want to see.

Whatever you accuse you can’t accuse the guy of not being profitable. The last entry was pretty darn good and made pretty good business in IMAX as well, thanks in no small part to the 6 minute prologue of The Dark Knight Rises that was attached to the film, which makes total sense for them to continue this franchise. I like that they’re planning this thing out from now and I’m definitely looking forward to more M.I. films. That’s all for now…


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