Remember this movie? New photos from The Lone Ranger


I hadn’t heard too much from the Lone Ranger camp in what feels like eaons. Last thing I remember was that they reduced the budget on paper only to have it swell back up in production causing all sorts of headaches for producers and whatnot. Well the movie has finally finished principle photography and is currently scheduled for release on July 3rd, 2013. Oh, and they brought photos to tide us over!



Via: Live For Films



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One thought on “Remember this movie? New photos from The Lone Ranger

  1. One small detail that I noticed in these photos and I’m wondering about is the crow on Tonto’s headdress. If you look in the pic where Tonto and Ranger are facing off the crow’s mouth is closed and it’s head is dipped down a bit. However, in the pic of just Tonto in the darkened room, the crow is full on screaming and it’s wings and head are much more pronounced and threatening. Does anyone know if the crow is supposed to be real and active throughout the movie like a “spirit guide” or something? It also worries me that it might end up “talking” and being comedic like the monkey in Pirates of the Caribbean.
    Any one else noticed that or have any comments?

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