John Malkovich and Bruce Willis on set of R.E.D. 2


John Malkovich and Bruce Willis were photo’d on the set for the upcoming R.E.D. 2 which is like the only DC comics property not named Batman that I actually enjoyed within the last decade or so. I’m excited to see the gang re-assemble and hopefully the inclusion of Mary Louise-Parker somehow gets drowned out by the addition of Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Check out the pics:



In a somewhat related subject I feel like I’ve been seeing nothing of Bruce Willis that wasn’t from the set of one of the dozen or so movies he’s filmed this year. Tax problems?


And where the hell is Karl Urban? Why isn’t he back? Who the hell is dropping the ball over there? The guy was great in the first film and has been pretty enjoyable in everything he’s been lucky enough to snag since first showing up as   Éomer in LoTR: The Two Towers. I hope this is just an oversight cus the return of Louise-Parker but not Urban is just a slap in the face. Seriously.


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